10 aspects of the new traveler that the tourism sector should consider for its campaigns

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10 aspects of the new traveler that the tourism sector should consider for its campaigns

When it comes to preparing their vacations, today’s traveler makes more and more use of social networks. In the new paradigm, thus, these platforms have some influence on their decision-making. In this context, Deloitte and Facebook have launched a study that explores the behavior of consumers on social networks before, during, and after their trips with the Argentina Mobile Database intention of extracting patterns that are useful for tourism companies to focus their marketing campaigns in the online environment.

Related Notes: Top Traveler Complaints About Airlines Travelers, mobiles and the challenge for advertisers Online Reviews Influence Travel-Related Purchases It is a fact that the activity of travelers on social networks is increasing. These are the 10 trends identified in relation to travelers that the tourism sector should take note of in order to carry out its marketing strategies: New consumption patterns. Three behaviors stand out: luxury or demand for luxury vacations at a low price; tech revolution, which refers to an increasingly connected consumer; and sharing & opinion, which refers to the ability of users to recommend and share experiences. Argentina Mobile Number List

Social networks on the rise. The presence of social networks in the lives of consumers is unquestionable so that the investment of companies in the online environment tends to increase more and more. The multi tourist traveler. It is a priority to adapt to the new traveler profile: more experienced, more knowledgeable, and more demanding. New ways of launching products. Linked to technological development and new ways of interaction of the company with customers.

Emotional consumer. Growing consumers needs to fill the shopping experience with emotions. Rational consumer. It is true that most decisions are made led by emotions but it is no less so that the consumer continues to need to rationalize those decisions. Big data. Faced with such a quantity of information, it is necessary to have tools that analyze, interpret and convert it into value. The Brother Cell Phone List power of personalization. The consumer requires personalized treatment both in their transactions and in the way companies address them. In this context, programmatic buying emerges, which allows advertisers to show ads to a specific type of consumer.

Travel engagement’. Social networks have made it possible for comment or criticism to reach any corner of the world. Ultimately, this can lead to new habits and trends when reaching a broad social circle. The new life cycle of the trip. Years ago, travel planning was not shared in social circles. Today, social media has transformed this landscape. For this reason, it is vital that tourism companies respond to the needs of travelers throughout the life cycle of their trip.

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