+10 Free Graphic Design Courses That Will Make You Dust

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+10 Free Graphic Design Courses That Will Make You Dust

Do you spend your days looking for free graphic design courses, but can’t find the ones that fit your schedule? Or they just don’t meet your expectations. We know that studying online has multiple benefits and that paying for a high-quality course is always the right choice. But we are also aware that there are times when your wallet is thinner than other times and stopping learning is not an option! Graphic design is one of the most in-demand professions in the creative industry . The truth is that, due to the impact of the digital age, more and more companies need this discipline to create valuable content and attract the attention of users. In fact, this has increased the income of entities that use it properly by up to 32%.

According to the study carried out by the consulting firm McKinsey published in El Economista . We are sure that you have all the necessary skills to assume any position in the world of work and we want to optimize your knowledge so that you feel 100% up to the task of your next job . What better than having achieved it thanks to a free Crehana course? That is why in this note we bring you a pack of free online graphic design courses that you Switzerland Phone Number start right now so that you can face new work challenges in a more effective way. In addition, we will share with you a series of free graphic design resources that will help you optimize your workflow. All ready? Have your favorites tab ready and add your next free online graphic design course.

Introduction to Branding Online Course

Use the code CREH20 to get a 20% discount on your membership crehana coupon 1. Introduction to Branding online course: logo design This free graphic design course is led by one of our top teachers: Castor Vera Carbajal, a graphic designer with more than 10 years of experience in branding. In this course you will learn how to use graphic design to create logos. You will start with a brief introduction to design strategies, you will learn what branding is and you will know the steps to create a logo that enhances brand recall . Likewise, you will know how to set relevant objectives in a creative process and create designs that contribute to the brand journey. This free online graphic design course is divided into 11 classes, separated into two modules: Design Strategy and Logo Design .

Switzerland Phone Number

In the first module you will focus on the strategic part of the design, the setting of objectives and the audit. In the second half of the course, you’ll get down to business and start sketching your first ideas in Adobe Illustrator. Finally, with everything learned, you will be able to present your final logo design and receive advice from your mentor. What do you need to take this free design course? Adobe Illustrator. A mid/high range computer to be able to Illustrate. ➤ Enroll for free in the online introductory course to Branding 2. Branding online course for social networks As a designer, illustrator or photographer, it is vital to know the various digital platforms and build a visual identity that identifies any brand in the market.

What Do You Need to Take This Free Design Course?

In this free course on graphic design and branding, the teacher and graphic. Designer Letizilla will teach you how to create a strategy to give a brand identity and voice. In addition, you will use the essential points of branding to make creative publications on social networks. What do you need for this free graphic design and branding course? The logo created for a brand you want to work with. Accounts created on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. Enroll for free in the online course of Branding for Social Networks. They are a very good choice for watercolor drawings for beginners . Liquid watercolors If you’re struggling with your easy watercolor exercises. Because you can’t get the color you want, maybe the solution is to buy liquid watercolors. These watercolor presentations already come with defined colors. So it is a good option if you need to use a hard-to-find color in the mix .

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