10 tips for creating a good LinkedIn profile

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10 tips for creating a good LinkedIn profile

Each social network is different and presents its peculiarities. If we associate YouTube with video, Instagram with photography and Twitter with microblogging, it could be said that LinkedIn is the professional social network. If you want to take advantage of your profile, do not miss these X tips to create a good profile on LinkedIn. Tips for creating a good LinkedIn profile LinkedIn is a professional showcase that you can take advantage of a lot. It is an ideal social network for networking and finding new opportunities. On LinkedIn you can establish relationships with companies in your sector, clients, suppliers and other professionals. In addition, it is a great platform for job search, since you can find job offers according to your profile. In fact, more and more companies and recruiters are turning to LinkedIn to search for candidates. LinkedIn allows you to demonstrate your professional capabilities, skills and experience. It is very important to Poland Phone Number List  have an up-to-date and careful LinkedIn profile. With these tips to create a good LinkedIn profile we show you how to do it. Profile picture You only get one chance to make a good impression, so better take advantage of it. The profile picture is a crucial element in your LinkedIn account. In this case, and unlike other social networks, opt for a quality photo in which you convey confidence, seriousness and professionalism. By this I do not mean that you need a professional photographer or that you have to come out with a serious face. Of course, avoid group photographs, showing off muscles or partying. It seems obvious, but when you visit certain LinkedIn profiles it seems that you are on Facebook or Instagram. The profile photo on LinkedIn is 400 x 400 px in size. Cover image The second of the tips for creating a good LinkedIn profile also has to do with images. In this case, the cover image. The cover image is located in the header of your profile. There are many professionals on LinkedIn who do not have a cover image, so having one will make you differentiate yourself from all those profiles. It’s important that your LinkedIn cover image is relevant to your industry. You can take advantage of your cover image to add additional information about your business or service or opt for an impressive cover image that will attract the attention of people who visit your profile. The size of the cover image on LinkedIn is 1536 x 768 px.

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How to write a professional headline The headline is a very important aspect of your LinkedIn profile. It is located just below the name. By default, the holder includes your current job title, that is, the position you hold and the company you work for. The vast majority of profiles do not know that they can get more out of their headline on LinkedIn or do not know how to write a professional headline on LinkedIn. You can edit your headline. Choose an attractive professional holder explaining what you do or what position you would like to do, if you are looking for a job. Don’t forget to include keywords related to your work. How to customize the profile URL In your LinkedIn profile you can create a custom URL. The default profile URLs are long and difficult to remember, so customizing your LinkedIn profile URL will show that you have spent time on your account. To customize the profile URL on LinkedIn you have to access your profile and in the right menu display the section referring to personal and contact information. There you will find your profile URL and if you click on it you can customize it. You can take the opportunity to use a keyword related to your work in your custom profile URL, so you will help better position your account for that keyword. Contact information What good are all these tips for creating a good LinkedIn profile if no one can get in touch with you? Contact information on LinkedIn is very important, especially if you are looking for a job. Add the means you usually use, both phone and email to make it easier for others to contact you. You can also add your Twitter profile, although I only recommend it if you have accounts focused on the professional field. If you have a blog or a website, don’t forget to include them as well. How to write an excerpt The excerpt is the part of your LinkedIn profile that can make the most difference. You have up to 2,000 characters to introduce yourself, say who you are, what you do … Be original and creative, differentiate yourself from the rest. The LinkedIn extract can be understood as a cover letter and it is important that you get the most out of it. You do not need to include your professional career in the extract, that part will be reflected in the experience section. When writing an extract on LinkedIn, think about what aspects you stand out as a professional, show your strengths, what you have to offer and what makes you different from other professionals. Skills and validations LinkedIn has a section dedicated to skills and endorsements. This section of the LinkedIn profile is also known as knowledge and skills or skills. Include all the knowledge, skills and abilities related to your job or industry. Don’t forget the languages ​​and the tools you work with. Other professionals will be able to validate your skills to show that you actually have those knowledge and skills. You can also validate the skills of other professionals on their LinkedIn profiles. When adding skills to your LinkedIn profile, it is recommended that these are related to your sector. Try to avoid knowledge and skills that have nothing to do with your job.

Explain your professional experience and education When adding your professional experience it is important that you try to detail the tasks you perform. In this way you will be able to explain what your work consists of and how you carry it out. Include the start and end date of each of your jobs and the position you have held. In the education section, include your academic degrees. Do not forget to indicate the start and end date of each of them together with the institution where you have taken them. Achievements, volunteer experience and interests The LinkedIn profile also has a section dedicated to achievements. In it you can include the languages ​​you speak and the level you have in each of them, publications, courses, projects, certifications,  Taiwan Database  and awards, as well as test scores. The achievements section is a very good way to differentiate yourself from other professional profiles. If you have volunteered, you can also indicate it on LinkedIn, specifically in the section dedicated to the volunteering experience. Finally, in the interests section, the companies and institutions you follow and the groups in which you participate as a member will appear. The importance of having an active profile on LinkedIn On LinkedIn it is important to stay active, make yourself known and create relationships with other professionals in your sector. You don’t have to post content every day, but you do want to do it every once in a while. You can share news and updates related to your sector. Actively participate by commenting on the publications of your contacts and recommending the ones that you find most interesting. We hope that all these tips to create a good profile on LinkedIn will be useful to you. If you know other tips to create a good profile on LinkedIn, do not hesitate to share them with us through the comments.

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