10 Trends in Graphic Design 2019 Let’s talk about trends in graphic design

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10 Trends in Graphic Design 2019 Let’s talk about trends in graphic design

We are starting a new year and we cannot stop thinking about the evolution of graphic design over the last decades. Without a doubt, this discipline is increasingly valued, and we suspect that the influence of the new digital environments has a lot to do with it , where new opportunities to exploit the possibilities of creation do not stop appearing. After doing some research, we bring you a list of some of the new trends in graphic design in 2019 , although some of them are not that new. We started! Trends in graphic design: color Explosion of vivid colors We see an ecuador telephone numbers element that stands out and takes center stage in all kinds of graphic design pieces this year: color . It is true that color has always been taken into account, but what is changing is that it now acquires more presence. We left behind the earthy tones and pastel tones to make way for an explosion of bright colors. For its part, Pantone has already revealed its Color of the Year, and predicts it will dominate 2019: “Living Coral. A lively and vital coral tone that bets on life, with golden hues that provide energy and dynamism with a touch of softness. ” Pantone of the year LIVING CORAL “ Intense and at the same time soft, PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral fills us with warmth and encouragement, offering us comfort and optimism in an environment characterized by constant transformation. PANTONE Living Coral represents the fusion of modern living. It is an enriching color that appears in our natural environment and, at the same time, exhibits a lively presence on social media.

” Pantone color of the year. Trends in graphic design 2019 We can see which ones have been proclaimed Pantone Color of the Year before: Image of the last colors of the decade For its part, Shutterstock has revealed in its trend report which colors will predominate in 2019: color trends shutterstock color trends shutterstock “Here are the colors our customers can’t get enough of, based on data from trillions of image searches.” Shutterstock ufo green color trends Color trends Shutterstock plastic pink Shutterstock proton purple color trends Duotone and multicolored gradients If in 2018 we already saw a trend towards the holographic, this year it intensifies and we see duotone and multicolored gradients. In addition, the trend goes beyond the gradient that focuses on the background of the design. Magdiellop Image TrendMagdiellop design trend Magdiellop graphic design trend Images by Magdiel López Color Channel or color channel separation This technique was already setting a trend in 2018 and it does not seem that it will disappear at the moment. It is about the separation of color channels, whether they are red , green and blue in the RGB format (Red, Green, Blue) or cyan , magenta , yellow and black in the CMYK format (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key).

Both photographers and designers join this trend with their works to achieve great visual effects and convey strong sensations. Playing with the postures of the human figure can also achieve incredible results. Image of Kaney West in Color chanel Color trends Color cannel Light and dark color schemes By this we mean that different versions of the same design are offered where light and dark colors are interchanged. This can greatly enrich the visual aspect of a brand, and even favors functionality, as in the case of Apple , Twitter or Facebook , which offer different experience modes so that their users can adapt the screens of the devices to the ambient light. Thus, there are already many followers of the dark mode of these applications, either for convenience Taiwan Database or pleasure. We already know, for tastes … colors. Light-dark color trends example Trends in graphic design: composition Open compositions Long ago, designers used frames a lot to give a finished look to their designs, but more and more we see how this trend is becoming obsolete to give way to freer designs and open compositions, which arouse curiosity and force the viewer to wonder what there is below. It gives the feeling that the composition continues beyond the design, which can be useful to generate a cohesive visual identity in branding , something original that stands out and undoubtedly draws attention.

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