1000 Foo Fighters Record What Happens When

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1000 Foo Fighters Record What Happens When

Foo Fighters is required by a thousand Italian musicians in the city of Cesena. How do they make the call? Playing “Learn To Fly” all at the same time A really amazing viral phenomenon is the one that has had a campaign carried out by a team of fans and 1000 Italian musicians, to get the Hungary Mobile Database band to Foo Fighters visit their city, Cesena. It is a work carried out for more than a year in hopes of achieving success, that is, that the band includes the city in its Italian tour and that at least it sees its artistic work awarded, with more than 145 thousand visits in a day for his video 1000 Foo Fighters Record and with thanks from Dave Grohl . What happens when the audience is the one doing the marketing ?

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Undoubtedly, bringing together this number of instrumentalists playing a single song at the same time – Learn to Fly – must have been crazy, both for its Brother Cell Phone List creator, Fabio Zafagnini (the dreamer), and for the conductors, Anita Rivaroli and Alberto Viavattene, along with a huge team (which you can identify in the video credits). However, the desire to have the band live triggered this action, which in itself is a reverse marketing movement. It is the public that promotes its artists and pressures them to come closer and deliver their product to the great mass. How could a visionary artist or group of producers ignore this situation? Logic indicates that customer service is the most important thing for those who have promised a world (of music, fantasy, love and everything that is implicit in a creative work) and that is now required to deliver it.

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