17 sales strategies to increase customers

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17 sales strategies to increase customers

You already know that the Achilles heel of any company is sales, but how can we do to increase sales? What strategies or techniques exist to increase customers? What is the perfect strategy to grow the sales of your company? In this post we are going to review all the sales strategies that we have at our disposal, both online and offline. Traditional sales techniques Sales strategies have always existed, so we are going to start with those that were the first to help companies increase their customers and sales. Commercial team The commercial team is made up of people focused on finding clients (prospecting), contacting and visiting them in order to set up a sales meeting in which to present the product or service in order to complete the sale. Advantage: Having a human team to increase sales allows you to contact many companies in a short period of time. Drawbacks: The traditional system of a commercial team consists of going after the clients, so they do not know   Russia Phone Number List  if they have the need, or if it is the moment, so most of the times the visits are mere presentations to give knowledge to the possible client. Visitor-client closing rates are generally low. In addition, having a commercial team represents a considerable investment for the company because in addition to salary and commissions, we must add the allowances and expenses of the commercial team to carry out their tasks. Offline advertising It was and is very common to promote oneself in specialized magazines of the sector, regional and national newspapers at the paper level. The way to do it is very simple, you pay an amount to have a space dedicated to your company.

Advantage: Depending on the print run, you can become visible to many people (potential clients or not). Drawbacks: It is a sales strategy not so focused on sales, but on communication or branding. It is also very difficult to measure the return on investment of these types of techniques. Business partners or representatives It is very similar to having your own sales team , but in this case it is not an exclusive team of your company, but it carries other brands in the sector and sells a wide catalog of products or services to the end customer in exchange for a commission . Advantage: It has a much lower cost than your own commercial team, since most of them work successfully and commissions will only be paid if they sell, they do not have other extra expenses. Drawbacks: They do not have a complete dedication to your catalog, so you are one more. Sale by phone Under the so-called Call Center, it is a technique focused on making many calls to try to close sales . Surely they have already called you at home at noon to sell you something, right? Advantage: You get a great reach in no time. Drawbacks: It is very frowned upon by clients and the closing rates are very low. These types of sales techniques are designed for very specific market niches, and the truth is that it continues to be used, so it will be profitable for certain companies. Sale by catalog Who has not received a catalog at home and then make a phone purchase? The clearest example that comes to mind is VENCA. It consists of sending the printed catalog of your products to the addresses of the clients who request it so that they can buy.

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Advantage: When there was no online sale, it allowed to buy from home. Now it is more oriented to being a communication channel and creating a bond with the client. Drawbacks: The online world has changed the way catalogs reach customers, although there are still companies that continue to do so. Example: Kalamazoo. Fairs Who has not attended a fair to look for suppliers or clients? Fairs are a meeting point for companies where many professional contacts are generated and new companies are met. There are fairs all over the world and depending on the type of sector you dedicate yourself to, you will have to travel nationally or internationally. Advantage: The generation of contacts and the promotion of the company are the two most important points. Drawbacks: The high cost of attending, especially if the fair is international. It requires that part of the team travel to the place (hotels, transport, subsistence, …), marketing expenses (stand, printing, …) and others. The investment in a fair can range from € 20,000 to € 70,000. (It depends on sectors and what you want to achieve) TV commercials As in a written advertisement, you have a space in the programming of the contracted channel to present your company, product   Taiwan Database or service. Advantage: Helps to achieve high visibility for the company, although the scope will depend on the contracted medium. Drawbacks: High cost and it is difficult to know what return on investment has generated us. Mailing Have you ever opened the mailbox and found a propaganda brochure? Surely yes. The sales strategy is very simple, you print thousands of brochures and hire a mailing company to deliver them for you in the geographic area you are targeting. Advantage: Achieve a quick reach in the target area and the investment is not high. Drawbacks: It is a specific action and if you do not keep a control, you cannot measure the return on investment. sales strategies Digital sales techniques Sales strategies are adapting to new digital environments and companies must adapt to combine them with their current sales techniques.

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