20 Best Mexican Clothing Brands That Do Good Digital Marketing

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20 Best Mexican Clothing Brands That Do Good Digital Marketing

Within the world of fashion, there are the best Mexican clothing brands that have managed to position themselves in the national and international market due to their innovative designs accompanied by a good digital marketing strategy . In that sense, it was important to publicize this ranking that will help everyone in the world of fashion to have their reference brands. For the elaboration of this ranking, various points have been taken into account, such as the category of products, target audience, quality of the website and publications made on social networks. In addition, we tell you about the history and vision of the brands. Next, we leave you the list of the 20 best Mexican clothing brands that do good digital marketing and that is why you should have it on your radar, whether you are an expert marketer or a community manager .

1. Andrea facebook icon instagram icon digital marketing of clothing brand andrea mexico Andrea was founded in 1973 and started as a small workshop in Mexico City. Later, he got his start thanks to the idea of ​​selling shoes through brochures. Currently, they have more than 200 thousand members and it is the leading shoe brand in catalog sales . Your website is attractive and neat. Likewise, they have studio photographs that allow you to fully Denmark Phone Number the product and they have a blog where they write about topics related to trends, beauty and lifestyle. The fashion brand Andrea has 684 thousand followers on Instagram and 5,563,770 on Facebook, this being the social network where they have the most interaction.

Pineda Covalin

On the other hand, it has 140 points of sale in Mexico and 18 in the US and is aimed at people between 30 and 40 years old with an average price of $380. Truly one of the best Mexican clothing brands in this ranking. 2. Flexi facebook icon instagram icon digital marketing mexican brand flexi Flexi was founded in 1935 by Don Roberto Plasencia Gutiérrez under the name Cesar and in 1965 it was renamed with its current name. Then it became a 100% Mexican multinational footwear brand positioned as the second best-selling brand in the country. Its website stands out for being quite complete when it comes to informing you about the models. In the same way, the photographs are professional and fulfill their objective. In addition, they have 198,000 followers on Instagram and receive a lot of comments, to which they respond quickly and kindly.

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Flexi’s target audience is people between 25 and 35 years old and the average. Price of a pair of shoes is $1000 due to the quality of the finishes and material. If you want to purchase Flexi footwear you can do so through their website or by visiting. One of the 300 stores in Mexico. Being, its website one of the reasons to be on this list of the best Mexican clothing brands. 3. Pineda Covalin facebook icon instagram icon pineda covalin brand digital marketing Pineda Covalin is one of the most recognized brands in Mexico because it wants to pay homage to Mexican and Latin American culture and history. In addition, it seeks to represent the iconography, traditions, gastronomy, flora and fauna in its collections.

Watch Out for the Dog

It was by Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Covalin in 1996. The year in which they launched their first collection of ties with pre-Hispanic motifs. At the beginning, it was a more internationally brand. But over the years it has managed to position itself in the national market. On their website, Facebook and Instagram, Mexican folklore is and they project great pride and love towards their country. Therefore, on Instagram they have 67.2 thousand followers and interact effectively with their customers. Likewise, they carry out this dynamic on Facebook. The Mexican brand Pineda Covalin offers mainly clothing for women and men but also sells products for the home. It has more than 100 points of sale around the world and the average price of its products is $3,000. Without a doubt, a deserved place among the best Mexican clothing brands.

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