3 micro strategies for customer loyalty In Marketing Strategy

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3 micro strategies for customer loyalty In Marketing Strategy

The implementation of customer loyalty strategies is vital for any company. It does not matter if it is a multinational or an SME; A strategy to retain your current customers is proven to be much more profitable than a recruitment one. A Harvard Business Review study showed that recovering just 5% of customers who leave the company could increase profitability by 30% to 85%. The concept of customer loyalty is not something new, however companies tend to forget it. It is very common for businesses to focus their efforts on attracting bahrain database new customers, but this could be a mistake. That’s why we bring 3 customer loyalty strategies to win the loyalty of your customers and increase your profitability. Build customer loyalty to improve your advertising The strategies of customer loyalty can become your best plan for advertising and even sales How? The growing use of social networks is changing the power that users have over a company; people now share their experiences instantly and in real time with their close circles. What does this mean for you and your business? It can be a total success or a magnificent disaster, but it will depend on how you connect with your customers. Now advertising bombards us at all times; hence, banners, internet advertisements, magazines and so on have lost credibility.

People are looking for real experiences and recommendations, someone they can truly trust; that’s why a loyal customer to your brand no longer simply represents a repeat purchase. In the best case A client has a good experience with what you offer Buy it again Fall in love with your brand Recommends it to close people Potential clients will have your brand on their head for the day they need what you offer (Think about it carefully, how many times have you made a purchase because someone you trust recommends it? Compare that to the times you have bought something just for paid advertising) In the worst case A customer has a bad experience with your business (with the product or with customer service) He tells people close to him about his ordeal Find a new place to buy what you offer Do not make a new purchase Your friends and family will always remember that bad experience so you will be automatically discarded. (Again, think about it calmly, how many times have you made a purchase on a site that you have been told about pests?) Now imagine this: people speaking positively about your brand, they recommend it, they are always there to defend you from attacks by dissatisfied users. Does it sound like your ideal marketing team? Well, you will only achieve this by using loyalty techniques.

No, you don’t need too much time, hire new staff, or invest all the millions; Here we will tell you 3 very simple customer loyalty micro strategies that you can start with. 1) Loyalty technique 01: Listen to your customers If you want to retain customers you must provide a good service and for that it is necessary to know what they are looking for; yes, we are talking about knowing your needs, priorities, contexts and preferences. It seems overwhelming, but we promise it isn’t. They constantly tell you! It’s just a matter of listening carefully. Review sites, blogs and other Taiwan Database social networks these media are a mine of valuable information. We have already said that there is about an 87% probability that a dissatisfied customer will openly state it; this means negative comments, toxic reviews, suggestion box letters, etc. However, only about 30% of satisfied customers will express their experience. Knowing this, here is the first clue: find what your users think of you and your business.

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