3 online businesses that I would start today if I had to start from scratch

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3 online businesses that I would start today if I had to start from scratch

At the moment I am setting up different online projects. I would also focus on this type of business if I had to start from scratch.
Living from an online business is the dream of many people. Not depending on anyone to pay the mortgage and support the family is available to everyone with an internet connection as long as they are willing to pay the price involved in setting up a web project from scratch. online Costa Rica Phone Number List photo rights Reaching 1,000-3,000 euros in monthly income starting with very little knowledge is not impossible, but it is clearly not easy to achieve . In fact, very few succeed and throw in the towel before their time. The journey should be quite similar to the effort made by a person who wants to lose a significant amount of weight in a short time.

Discipline and perseverance is required to reach the goal . This can be tattooed on your forehead before you start. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. These are the types of business you would start today if you had to start something new from scratch.
When I talk about monetizing videos with YouTube, you don’t necessarily have to become a YouTuber . Obviously, the “El Rubius” success stories suggest that this is one of the main ways to get the most out of videos on this platform, but in reality it is only a tip of many icebergs . In the end they all give money because Google shares with you a part of what the ads generate. They pay approximately 2 euros per thousand views. Basic there are 3 ways to generate income with advertising and YouTube.

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It is clear that with 10,000 views of a video you are not going to earn too much. Taking the average of 2 euros per 1,000 views, you would have earned only 20 euros. You start with something and you have to take it easy. Nobody starts with a viral video that will achieve millions of views in a few days or weeks. Sell ​​a product through Amazon I already know it. I’m being a bit heavy with the topic of starting to sell on Amazon Spain . In August we had a bit of a standstill on the subject because due to vacation issues there was not much activity. Soon we will take up the subject again with force. One of the main challenges of this model is investment in the product . The investment in your own online infrastructure is zero but this is paid with the commissions that must be paid to Amazon for the management that it carries out on our behalf.

There are less risky alternatives to purchasing stock either through Chinese suppliers on Alibaba or Taiwan Database . You can also contact companies that do not yet have a presence on Amazon and that might be interested in opening this channel with the help of a third party that takes them on this issue. In parallel to the purchase of our own products, we will start this route in September.

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