3 Tricks to position with your Social Media strategy

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3 Tricks to position with your Social Media strategy

A social media strategy is a great way to start developing an independent digital marketing strategy; This is because they are easy to use and reach a considerable number of people. No matter what your business is, your customers will most likely use one or more social networks. However, social networks are also an incredible tool that has been adopted by SEO; This is due to the impact they have directly on search engine listings. At Esparta Digital we tell you three essential steps in your social media strategy; Make the Networks act in favor of your business azerbaijan cell phone providers and help you position your company with SEO: 1) Get relevant and quality inbound links A successful social media strategy can generate thousands of new inbound links to your website; In addition, inbound links are very important when ranking your site by search engines. Think about it and you will see how social networks for business are an excellent way to improve your SEO positioning. The great thing about this is that most (if not all) of the links that come from a social media marketing campaign are natural links. This means that they are not purchased or requested; thus, these links increase the quality of your website and help its positioning. 2) Social media strategy to manage reputation Managing reputation is one of the most well-known and necessary qualities in a social media strategy for companies; however, it is not as simple and straightforward as some sometimes think.

To manage the reputation of your company you must get your customers to reach your profile and rate the product or service that you have sold them and hope that their experience has been positive. In this area there is an absolute truth that you should know: you are more likely to receive a negative comment than a positive one. A dissatisfied customer will make sure everyone knows about their history with your company wherever they are; on the other hand, your satisfied customers will only comment on it with their close circles and at specific times. This is a risk that is run at all times, so you must take good care of your customer service; One bad employee  day can have dire results on your business reputation. However, if you feel 100% sure that your customers’ experience with your company is impeccable, taking this risk is worth it; Getting these 5-star ratings and positive reviews will help you attract new customers and you will even find that there are some that will serve as success stories. As an additional trick, you can take advantage of activities that hook your followers; In this way, you will not only achieve more interactions, but you could start to retain your users. social media tricks 3) Use social networks to position yourself Do you have a new website and you don’t know how to position it? A very useful social media strategy is to take advantage of the domains of these powerful pages. The domains of the main social networks are quite strong (,,, etc.);

So forget your website for a moment and focus on positioning your company’s profile or fanpage. Keep in mind that if your domain is new, it will not be very easy to position (eg; However, if your company name is accompanied by the domain of one of these large networks (, your job will be much easier. A very important tip for your business social media profile that will help you at this point is the following: make sure that your profile has the name of your business in the URL and that it is as simple as possible. Example: If the name of your business is “My Company” Yes: No:ñaempresa No: This will help immensely to position your profile and your brand name; in the future it will be easier to position your website in this way. So, if you are launching a new website and you know it will take a while before it ranks: Upload some videos to YouTube create profiles on the networks of your choice generate good links to your site Now, we are not saying that it is better to have your profiles positioned above your website; however, that is better than not having anything positioned. social media tricks In digital marketing, no Taiwan Database effort is isolated from others, every action you take will support SEO; This is why it is extremely important to create your company profiles and generate a good social media strategy . We hope this article has been useful for you to understand the current importance of networks for companies. Try to make constant and responsible use of them to achieve greater effectiveness in your digital marketing strategy. Arantxa Ferrer Salvador

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