3 types of posts that you can publish with less than 3 hours of sleep on your personal blog

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3 types of posts that you can publish with less than 3 hours of sleep on your personal blog

Out of ideas and lack of sleep to post on the blog? Before looking for excuses, take a look at this post.
Here I am again. Finally recovered from my recent flu and about to take off with the plane to Barcelona. Tonight it seems that my brain has recovered all the ideas stuck because of the headache of the last days. My alarm clock went off at 5 in the morning and hopefully I will have fallen asleep around 2 in the morning sharing a bed with one of our little ones who probably had a fever that prevented him from sleeping at night. post Afghanistan Phone Number List photo rights In summary. I will have slept about 3 hours and now I am typing the post on my mobile. I found the laptop this morning 5 minutes before leaving with the battery at 0% since I had left it on without a cable before going to bed.

Anyway. It is what there is and there are no excuses for not taking advantage of this dead time to get a post. Travelers to my left and right must be thinking “hell, this guy does write long emails” (at best). My specialty is getting good things out of complicated situations (eg the combination of sleep and lack of ideas to get a new post). We have already converted it into a new idea to generate an entry for the blog because if I remember correctly today I have to get one … 😉 After so many laps let’s get to the point that otherwise they will start to confuse me with Victor . Depending on the type of blogger you are, you may like to have done in-depth research on a topic before writing a single paragraph. When you have slept little or less, you may not have the desire or the strength to carry out this work. In this case, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and do something different. Personal experiences are a perfect way to connect with your reader since you provide filtering information on a specific topic. Your main source is yourself, so you save time researching the available information. Sharing experiences in the first person is often greatly appreciated and compensates for a possible lack of content density.

2. Off-topic
At the time I decided like many other bloggers to even dedicate a category to this type of article. An off-topic post can deviate completely from what you usually speak (those with a medium-high level of English on their resumes already have it in advance by reading only the title of this paragraph). What do you want to talk about today? How does your life change when you have kids on a marketing blog? Well go ahead with it. There will be no one to stop you. Yes indeed. Be careful that the off-topic does not become the norm because in that case you should consider opening a maternity or paternity blog and registering with Madresfera .Afghanistan Phone Number List

3. Actions – whatever comes to mind
Be careful that you are about to hear another freaky idea that has to do with the types of tickets that I usually launch here. This is the post that I add under the category actions . Here you can be quite creative or just apply my personal strategy: write the first thing that comes to mind. Anniversaries are not just a great excuse to organize raffles, for example. I also usually do it through posts like “Let’s make a game” that tend to be very well received in general. Think of a dynamic where you invite your readers to participate. This can be combined with prizes or even participation if it can include the incentive or benefit.

At this point I want to be honest with you. When I started this article the title was “5 types of …” but I’m running out of ideas and my finger is slowly starting to hurt. Before getting seriously injured I’m going to stop here to see if I can rest for 5 minutes and hopefully Taiwan Database get another one. With this I also reveal the main secret to you. Be brief, get to the point (not like me) and write less text than usual (eg linking to already published posts). Applying this last advice you can get a post even with 3 hours of sleep. Nobody said it’s easy but as you have just seen, it is possible ..

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