360º virtual visits Currently there is much talk about 360º virtual tours or visits.

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360º virtual visits Currently there is much talk about 360º virtual tours or visits.

These visits allow us to be located virtually in the desired place and enjoy an experience as close to reality as possible, but what is it really about? They should not be confused with a corporate video . The visits or virtual tours are interactive images that allow to show a complete spherical vision (360ºx360º) of any space, whether of objects, exterior locations or interior spaces. In addition, thanks to the movement of the person and where the gaze is directed, you can see different areas of the scene. Being able to be on your mobile or computer and visit a place by means of the cursor or by means of the controls is an experience due to its quality and level of reality. What are the benefits of virtual visits? For a company, a 360º visit is a powerful how do i call a number in germany marketing tool. It allows customers and potential customers to see the space and even the items that are for sale without having to move and offering added value to your company. All benefits: Increased visit time on the web: A virtual visit is incomparable to flat images; since it offers much more to the client, increasing the user’s browsing time on the web. It allows users to see in detail the products or commercial space for sale. Technological advance: interactive images keep the web in line with the most advanced systems that can currently be found on the internet. Increased likelihood of purchase: As customers enjoy interactive images and it provides them with confidence, they are more likely to make a purchase, or at least enhance their purchase decision.

Strategic communication: Virtual visits open great possibilities of strategic communication for all types of commerce. Visual Impact : Virtual tours are an Internet service with great appeal for users. Competitive strategy : For its added value in products or services perceived by customers. For which sectors is it recommended? Having a virtual visit on your website is interesting for any company, it is not necessary to be in a specific sector to be able to extract potential from your company. For example: Tourism (Hotels, rural houses, adventure tourism). In this case, the client can see the rooms and the views that are offered, the outside environment, and have a closer idea of ​​what the place is like. Architecture and Rehabilitation, virtual tours are a great way to show the work that is done, since it is more impressive than showing it in photographs. Through interactive product catalogs it is possible to teach the products with great precision. It can be very beneficial for online and even offline sales. Landscaping and Environmental Architecture companies can present gardening designs, exterior decoration, panoramic views. It gives a clearer idea of ​​how the whole looks. In bars and restaurants you can show the space that is offered to the customer, the views or even dishes. How are virtual tours created? It is about photographing the 360 ​​degrees around a certain point.

There are several ways to do this, that is, it is possible to photograph 360 degrees in a single shot or in several exposures. With these photographs you can see everything around the point where the photo is taken, top, bottom, front, back and to the sides. Let’s innovate in our virtual visits Innovating is the one thing that companies cannot stop doing and as the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg , says, mobile is today’s technology. Therefore, it is very important to communicate and implement new technologies that are compatible with mobile phones. Virtual tours can be even more satisfying on a mobile phone than on a computer. You can innovate in different Taiwan Database aspects and areas in a business. From social networks , the ways in which customer relationships are established, the use of technology, the way in which marketing and advertising campaigns are developed, the creation of company videos … Any form of innovation can be a revolution in a business. More and more 360º virtual tours are being seen and we are convinced that, as we advance and technology evolves, making it even easier to capture these images, they will be even more recurrent.

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