3D elements These are hyper-realistic elements that always catch the user’s

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3D elements These are hyper-realistic elements that always catch the user’s

Attention and have been doing so for many years. In fact, they are expected to grow even stronger over the years. As a general rule, they are techniques that, although they can become a bit invasive and occupy a large part of the screen, positively capture the user’s vision. They can also be used as embellishers for the portal and can even take the navigator into an emotional, fantastic and virtual world. Of course, it should be noted that it is a heavy element so we must ensure that the performance of the user interface is high . It follows from this that, depending on the content or the product we sell, we can predict whether it will work better on online belgium phone number some devices or others. If our portal does not load the information quickly and has a good optimization, we risk the user losing interest and leaving the page . 3D elements trend web design Adobe uses different 3D elements in its intros or promotions to capture the attention of its customers. Modern web view modes They are starting to like the different web view modes than the traditional nuclear target. We could talk about 3 new creations: the dark mode, the asymmetric mode and the calming color mode. Dark Mode : increasingly common on Apple devices. The appearance in this way is novel as well as organized and classy. Also, the white of the typeface stands out clearly and saves the system battery (not so much light is needed). It also minimizes eyestrain when there is not much light. For example, Apple already implements the automatic option depending on the time zone in which we are located. Asymmetric Mode: the traditional would be a symmetric model, with a simple and schematic organization.

Now, users are used to reading information in more diverse ways , including disorganized elements. Example: TrangoWorld . Soothing Color Mode : Although many other companies will use web pages with soothing color backgrounds like warm blues and white backgrounds as a counterpart. They are colors that add purity and goodness to your brand image. Color modes Google has adapted the possibility of changing its search engine to this trendy color. Do not forget the usual elements The aforementioned items will be a key way to stay in style. Although, we cannot overlook some traditional elements of web optimization nor should we give them less importance. We can highlight some keys such as: Mobile First : as the name suggests, “mobile first”. It is about this design and layout trend aimed at offering a correct display of our website on mobile devices and tablets. A structure that adapts later to computers, and not the other way around. Loading speed : this is the time it takes for all the data on a web page to get from our system (PC, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.) to the Internet. Some elements such as graphics or 3D designs are large so they can reduce loading speed. We must be able to have systems that support these new additions or at least find a good balance . As is known, the user does not like to wait more than 3 or 4 seconds for a web page to load. We then risk website abandonment, a fatal consequence to our business plan. One Page : it is the anglicism of “one page”.

Another way to call a web portal in which all the information can be found on the front page itself. It is like a mini website with the basic information of the company, grouped in a few lines and without the need to click on any links. Depending on the service or products that we want to sell, sometimes it is necessary to resort to simplicity rather than to use modern and attractive elements, but also invasive. We will always have to prioritize what our target audience wants to find when entering our website. Web Design Trends in 2021: Conclusions As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the Coronavirus will mark for a long period the way in which we Taiwan Database function at the workplace level and how we adapt to this new environment, more virtualized than ever and, therefore, with greater competition. Likewise, the expansion of 5G networks will make browsing the Internet even more feasible, be it from a PC or from a mobile device or Tablet, at speeds never experienced before. In this way, the functions from them will increase. This will allow us to develop new web designs like we would never have considered before. If you have questions about how to implement these new trends on your website or are simply looking for information and advice, do not hesitate to contact our Idital professionals, who will be happy to meet your needs in the field of digital marketing by being always up to date. of web design trends 2021.

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