4 P of Digital Marketing to Transform Your Business

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4 P of Digital Marketing to Transform Your Business

The new 4 Ps of digital marketing offer new ways to meet the objectives of brands. In this way they will be able to propose new effective strategies for their consumers, since it has a comprehensive approach outlined in digital. It also has an emphasis on audiences and personalization of interaction on each platform. Which is crucial as audiences are looking for their queries to be resolved quickly and in a personalized way. 4Ps of Marketing Background In an inductive way, it is important to review the “4 P” of the marketing mix , which is made up of: price, product, promotion and place. Which have been the cornerstone of a successful marketing strategy for more than 50 years. The reason for this is that focusing on these 4 points is a strategy that still has good results in some media.

Even when online behaviors of consumers have changed the way messages are transmitted and how brands and companies communicate with their audience. However, this could not be considered as a rule, since these parameters must be fine-tuned. This is due to the increasing availability of online platforms and data registries that offer countless possibilities to connect with consumers. For this reason, marketers also need to Canada Phone Number on the use of technology to create personalized experiences that increase the connection with their audience. Also, recent studies showed that 81% of shoppers do research on the Internet before going to a store. Similarly, 74% of people get when messages and offers don’t match their interests.

4ps of Marketing Background

So for marketers it is essential to include customer relationship management for a successful marketing strategy. Above all, if they seek to create significant connections with audiences through digital channels. It might interest you: Improve your professional profile with the Community Manager course and apply to a Marketing job bank. The new 4 P’s of digital marketing Below, we list and describe what each of the 4Ps of digital marketing are about . Public: The first P to start a project public 4 p marketing The public is increasingly demanding, which is why it is the first thing to consider in any digital marketing strategy . Unlike the traditional public, the digital public is subject to other particular characteristics of the digital environment .

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So it is necessary to analyze what it is that you need, what your behaviors and worldviews are. Which is specified in segmenting audiences and defining points of contact between consumers and the brand. To define a digital audience, brands must use the data that users enter in their virtual tours . In this way they will be able to offer them products or services that. Are of interest to them and meet their needs. Likewise, by defining an audience, brands will be able to personalize communication. Which is essential since in digital it is not totally feasible for a mass message to work for all types of consumers. As recent studies show, consumers are 80% more likely to make a purchase when brands offer a personalized experience.

The New 4 P’s of Digital Marketing

So today more than ever, customers want to feel important and purchase high-value products and services . For this reason, there is no doubt that the public is the first point. To be when defining the 4Ps of digital marketing. In the digital environment, it is possible to define the profitability. Of investing in a product or service if the public is first evaluated. For this reason we can think of the product in second place, creating it according to the needs of consumers . Certainly, the focus should be on promoting a product or service that has a high level of interest. So to define it, you can use a series of digital market evaluation tools. First of all, you can think about the relevance that a product or service has in search engines.

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