4 platforms to create blogs for free

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4 platforms to create blogs for free

All of us at some point have thought about creating free blogs to be able to tell our experiences or simply because we like to write about something in particular . Lately we may wonder if having a blog, whether personal or business, is something viable due to the rise of social networks such as Facebook or Twitter . From here we point out that having a blog is very beneficial for your company. Today there are many platforms to create your free blog easily and in a few steps. Do you want to know what they are? Therefore, in this Zoping post , we are going to point out some of the best platforms with which we can create a blog totally free. Keep reading! The best  Lebanon Phone Number List  platforms to create free blogs More and more companies or individuals develop and start creating free blogs thanks to platforms that allow you to create this section of totally free content from scratch, without having to have a price budget. Below we are going to list some of the best platforms to create a free blog quickly and comfortably. WordPress The WordPress platform is the most used blogging section of the moment, since it not only allows us to create a blog in a few simple steps but also offers the possibility of downloading hundreds of plugins, it is free and has a customer service and an expert-supervised forum with all kinds of questions and answers to help users.

The WordPress interface is very intuitive and simple and all we have to do is choose the blog domain, enter our email and password, choose the template that best suits our business and start designing to publish posts. In turn, WordPress has a Premium option for those who need something more advanced. 4 platforms to create free blogs 1 Blogger This blogging platform from Google is very successful thanks to its simplicity and ease of creating a blog section in a short time. The tool has many different template models that we can choose depending on the type of content that we are going to publish. Thus, we can say that some of the main advantages of Blogger are its simplicity, with which we can create as many blogs as you need; that no previous knowledge of css or html is necessary; and, above all, that its gratuity. Finally, mention that being owned by Google connects perfectly with other products such as Hangouts, Google Plus or Drive. 4 platforms to create free blogs 2 Tumblr For those passionate about writing who are interested in highlighting the more visual aspect, the perfect free blogging tool is Tumblr.

This tool to create your blog is perfect for all those users who like to share photos, gifs, audios or videos. Tumblr defines itself as a minimalist microblogging platform (a mix between a blog and Twitter) that stands out for the simplicity and elegance of its style. Among its advantages, Tumblr is characterized by having categories by themes to make it easier to choose the theme of your blog, it adapts to mobile devices, is easy to use, allows synchronization with Facebook and Twitter and synchronizes with Google services. what makes that little by little it is becoming one of the most used platforms. 4 platforms to create free blogs 3 Wix Finally we talk about Wix , a blog platform that allows us to create this from scratch without having any programming   Taiwan Database  knowledge. In addition, it has an attractive and modern interface that is very easy to use, which gives us the possibility of creating a blog by simply registering, either with our email or through Facebook or Google +. It has many templates distributed in different categories that you can edit and update as you like to shape your blog. 4 platforms to create free blogs 4 It is important to know that the fact of creating a blog does not mean that from the first day we are going to get visits , since behind that there is a work of great effort and dedication. In addition, writing a post within a blog is a complicated task, since it should attract the attention of our readers.

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