4 trends in consumption that will mark sales in the summer campaign

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4 trends in consumption that will mark sales in the summer campaign

When the great seasons of consumption arrive, those responsible for companies want to be very clear about what consumers want and what they are looking for in the market. What do they hope to find and especially what do they want to buy? Having these points clear is crucial to get the best out of the great shopping and consumer seasons. And now that summer is approaching (so much so that it could be said that it is already around the corner), it is time to know well what trends will mark consumption.

In fact, as Mintel recalls, summer is a very important time of consumption. A quarter of (male) shoppers between the ages of 18 and 34 buy new things  list of active cell phone numbers  every season and a third of shoppers of that age do most of their shopping in the summer. The statistics are focused on fashion and accessories, but they make it very clear that summer is crucial in consumption.

And what will consumption be like this year? Mintel has made an analysis of the things that will be in fashion this summer and from its conclusions certain guidelines can be drawn about what consumption will mark.

Rethinking the classics
In Mintel’s analysis, the trend is focused on the fashion industry. Thus, they talk about how classic prints, such as polka dots, or shapes from decades ago, such as 1960s air dresses, return. However, the idea of ​​the return of the classic can be exported to many more sectors and can be seen in many more areas. At the end of the day, we have been talking about the power of nostalgia for a long time and seeing how companies recover products and designs with a retro air, which they frame with traditional elements and reinvent the classics.

The important thing in this area is, as Mintel recalls, to understand that you have to convince consumers to go back to buy things that they possibly already have in one way or another.

The return of the 90s

In the last campaign of the Stranger Things series , with its eighties air and its revival of the time, the New Coke appears, one of the fiascos of the soft drink company and that appeared in 1985. The drink wanted to be the great discovery of the giant to reposition itself in a market that was losing, but in reality was left with one of its most iconic failures. The product will however return to the market this summer, as part of the series’ campaign but also as part of the somewhat nostalgic strategy of dipping into the past. Earlier, Pepsi had also launched a reissue of its Crystal format, another historic failure but one that reminded consumers of the 90s.


And it is that the 80s and 90s have become the material of the revival in recent years and the way in which consumers connect with the past in their future purchases. The boom of their return is very marked with the millennials and with their nostalgia for a better time. In the 90s and 80s they were children, living in a more positive environment.

This summer the great element that will dominate will be the 90s. Clothing is the element that Mintel’s analysis uses as a benchmark and is filled with cycling tights and 90s sunglasses. The interesting thing is that these types of products may end up being bought impulsively, evoking nostalgia for childhood at the point of sale.

The power of colors
Just as design and fashion themes are cyclical, so are colors, which are closely linked to trends and the state of affairs. You just have to see how each year Pantone’s color of the year can be read as an analysis of the social, cultural and even political situation. In this summer season, strong and bright colors will dominate because colors have become a way of expression. You want to make a statement of intent with the colors you choose.

An example of the use of neon colors, via Asos
If you add to that the impact of the other trends, you can understand why there will also be many bright colors and neon hues in the offer.

The fun things that break
To all these great trends that will mark what reaches the market and especially what is bought, we must add another, that of fun things that break with the  list of active cell phone numbers  general. That is, in those things that are smaller – and above all cheaper – consumers will be attracted to breakthrough things and with much less conventional designs.

In the world of fashion, Mintel exemplifies it with accessories. For example, it would be what would lead consumers to buy funny bags or glasses with unusual shapes. But of course the trend can be extrapolated to a lot more terrains and quirky designed things can be found in more areas. The key to understanding what makes consumers buy them is that they are cheap.

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