5 Basic Exercises to Paint Easily With Watercolor

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5 Basic Exercises to Paint Easily With Watercolor

Watercolor painting is one of the most versatile techniques in the world of artistic expression, so you would do well to learn more about it and take it into consideration to create majestic works of art. Learning to paint with watercolor requires a lot of practice, but once you learn everything you need to know about it, you will find that it is easy to master this art . In addition, it is one of the most beautiful painting techniques in the visual section, so you should expand your catalog of artistic resources. We know that it can be difficult to achieve absolute mastery of an artistic expression, although the only way to do it is to practice. For this reason, we leave you with some easy watercolor exercises that will be very useful for you to start taking your first steps towards developing this technique.

We will help you to make your relationship with watercolor go step by step, without rushing. You will discover the techniques of the uniform bath, gradient bath, glow and ink bath. In addition, you will experience the difference between painting wet and dry. Join us! What do you need to do watercolor exercises? To learn watercolor painting, you can’t just sit around, google and expect a magical solution. You require discipline, dedication Spain Phone Number ffort to be able to transcend in this art. You also need a series of materials that you must have on hand and, in addition, some prior knowledge about this artistic technique never hurts . Let’s see all the requirements to be able to perform watercolor exercises.

What Do You Need to Do Watercolor Exercises?

1. Materials To start practicing with watercolor, you must have various implements and tools available with which to make your first creations (don’t think you can master this art just by observing, right?). Among the materials you need are the following: 1 box of watercolors of 18 colors. 1 medium lollipop. Paper suitable for watercolor. To do these exercises, we recommend using a 180-gram Canson grain cardstock. If you use bond sheets or any common paper, you will not be able to experience or correctly appreciate the results. 1 thin board (or plywood) 40×50 cm. 1 masking tape or adhesive tape (not the transparent one). It is also known as masking tape. 1 round hair brush number 8. If you are looking for a particular brand, I recommend the Winsor & Newton Cotman brushes.

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1 ruler pencil 2B small container for water. 2. Know the types of watercolor Although it is not essential, it would be convenient for you to master the knowledge about the different types of watercolor that exist and, thus, be able to discover which one to use and when to apply them. If you are a beginner in drawing with watercolor, learning about the materials and types of watercolor that exist will facilitate your understanding of the possibilities of color when practicing your easy watercolor exercises . Caribay M. Benavides, graphic designer and teacher of the traditional Illustration online course: Express yourself through color , recounts the types of watercolor that you can use in your artistic projects. Let’s see it! watercolors in pans They are the easiest to find on the market and the most practical when starting to draw with watercolors .

Know the Types of Watercolor

You will find them with a variety of colors already included. But you can also buy color tablets separately and put together the. Color palette you want to learn to draw step by step . This type of watercolor comes with dry paint. So to activate the color, it is necessary to mix it with water. Professor Benavides recommends writing down the composition. Of colors that will be used in the watercolor drawings on a separate support. It doesn’t matter if it dries out, by diluting it with water it can be used again. watercolors in tube They come in a more liquid presentation than watercolor tablets. You can use it directly or add it to your set of watercolor pans. Eventually, it will dry out and stay there to use for future watercolor exercises.

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