5 Fashion Designers of All Time Causing a Sensation

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5 Fashion Designers of All Time Causing a Sensation

We know that fashion changes and evolves continuously, which is why many designers must always be innovating and creating designs that captivate people. In this way, fashion professionals are always seeking to break schemes and conventions to obtain new styles, taking into account social and cultural influences. Here is a list of the top 5 fashion designers in the world . Coco Chanel Coco Chanel was a French haute couture fashion designer who is considered one of the most revolutionary designers who contributed many innovative and influential opinions. In the First World War, he caused great controversy, since he broke schemes with his casual, simple and comfortable clothes, but just as elegant. He was by his natural sense of good taste and innovative thinking.

She was a very creative woman, firm and determined, but always elegant. Chanel started as a brand in the year 1910, designing hats and jersey clothing. After a reputation gained, her success continues and she launches her first women’s fragrance “Chanel N ° 5”, lines of makeup, jewelry, handbags, shoes, and even dresses many Hollywood characters. Sadly, Coco Chanel passed away in 1971 and left the following message: “May my legend Hong Kong Phone Number her path, I wish her a good and long life.” Chanel’s fortune is valued at approximately 14,000 million euros, having billed in 2013 about 4.5 million dollars. Without a doubt, a great fortune. Currently the Chanel emporium is being managed by the Wertheimer brothers together with some prestigious designers, such as: Jacques Polge and Karl Lagerfeld.

Donatella Versace

Everything that is fashion goes out of style, style never. Coco Chanel Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion designer of international stature, who is for his exclusive men’s clothing. Until now he has an approximate fortune of 7,000 million dollars, thanks to his great business skills and his creativity. Even a few months ago he promised to give Milan a museum. Armani studied medicine in Italy and in 1957 he did his military service. Later, he worked for several years in different stores, becoming a designer for Nino Cerruti. Therefore, this served him well to gain experience and found his own firm, initially focused on men’s clothing. It should be that many of Giorgio Armani’s designs were exclusively in some movies, being recognized as the designer of Hollywood celebrities.

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His largest store is the “Emporio Armani”. Where you can find a variety of clothes, perfumes, watches, sunglasses, among other accessories. Fashion is the best tool to help us dream. Emporio Armani calvin klein Calvin Klein is an American fashion designer. He has known how to get the most out of his brand. With his different collections of elegant and casual clothing for both men and women. He has jeans, shirts, underwear, watches, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances and home accessories. The investment of the Calvin Klein Limited company began with. An amount of $10,000 dollars and in just one year it obtained profits of $1 million dollars.

Dolce and Gabbana

In 1971 it reached $5 million dollars in sales, after 6 years it reached $30 million dollars. Currently his fortune is over $1,007 million, which allowed him to indulge. In the small pleasure of buying a “glass house” valued at $30 million dollars. Its best-known brands are: Calvin Klein Collection. Calvin Klein Sport, Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Golf. Calvin Klein Underwear and Calvin Klein Home. I don’t stop at success. Maybe that’s one reason I’m successful. Calvin klein donatella versace Donatella Versace is an Italian fashion professional and current vice president of the “ Versace ” group. She is the youngest of 4 siblings from an aristocratic Italian family. Therefore, from an early age was by business, so she gradually entered the world of fashion. His parades have always had the hallmark of success, causing a lot of furor in multiple countries.

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