5 marketing strategies that companies use

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5 marketing strategies that companies use

There are many digital marketing strategies ; that if email marketing, content, SEM, SEO and social networks to name a few (and I’m falling short). However, even though these are strategies that companies use, they are microstrategies. What do I mean by this? which are specific actions that are carried out through a platform. This does not mean that they are not strategic actions, but at Esparta Digital we consider that a complete marketing strategy is made up of various actions tailored to the needs of each business.


In this blog post I will focus on talking about the 5 main marketing strategies (macro strategies) most used by companies. I will explain what each one consists of, which are the best depending on the objectives you set for yourself.


Marketing Strategies Why are they important?

Having a defined marketing strategy helps you determine your goals and the actions you will take to achieve them. For example, if I have a new company and my goal is branding, what actions should I take to do it? Remember to always set SMART marketing goals so you can get a better idea (with numbers) of your progress.


# 1: By interruption

Interruption marketing is the most common strategy. In fact, it is the kind of marketing that has been practiced for a lifetime in traditional media. This strategy consists of interrupting the user in his activity and offering him something attractive that catches his attention.


As of 2019, users are quite tired of this type of marketing and we usually run away from it. A very clear example of this type of marketing is the advertising videos that appear while you watch a YouTube video or a banner promoting a product while you play on your mobile. additionally, it is a relatively expensive strategy for companies because while the scope can be enormous, the conversion rate tends to be very low; This is because you are not doing a demanding segmentation of your audience that allows you to guarantee results.


So far you will probably think that it is a strategy that you should discard from the beginning; however, there are cases where this strategy can work. The most common case where interruption marketing is a relevant strategy is when you have a branding goal. Keep in mind that of the marketing strategies , the interruption strategy is the one that will surely have the greatest reach; For this reason, if no one knows your brand and your intention is to make it visible to as many people as possible, this is a good way to achieve it.


Keep in mind that a great option for interrupt marketing is search ads; These allow you to appear on the first page in search engines when your potential clients look for what you offer even if your page is not positioned by SEO.


# 2: Inbound

You could say that it is the opposite of the previous strategy; Inbound marketing tries to reach the user at the right time so that they do not feel attacked. In this strategy, content usually prevails and, although its reach is significantly less than that of interruption albania phone number search marketing, its ROI is much higher; This is because the audience you are reaching is much better segmented and they are people much more likely to purchase your product.


Within this strategy, the most used microstrategies are the use of a blog, email marketing, downloading content, videos, etc. Inbound will work better especially if your brand is already known to your buyer personas and if your product is high-cost or unusual in the market, why? Because having a content-based strategy, people will be able to better inform themselves about what you offer before buying it.


# 3: recommendation

The name is pretty clear; While the previous two options focus on offering your product yourself, this strategy aims to get other people to recommend you. Of all the marketing strategies , this continues to be the one that offers the best results in terms of conversions and it is for a very simple reason. If you are deciding between a product from two different brands, the price is similar but a friend has recommended product A; by statistics you will buy product A, even if it is a little more expensive, why? Because you know that someone you trust has worked.

You are probably wondering why we are including this as a digital strategy; Well, now almost all platforms allow users to rate your company and your product in addition to including a comment. In the same example above, you are deciding whether to buy brand A or B; Today most users go to Google and the one with the best rating will probably be the one who will close the purchase.


This strategy used mainly by the hospitality sector; However, it applies to all sectors and stores, especially if they have a physical location where the public can go. For this reason, despite the fact that it is a digital strategy, you must ensure that the experience of your customers within your store is the best; this way you will ensure better reviews.


To enhance this strategy, the main medium is email marketing; try to send an email to your database every so often where you include a link so they can rate you. If you automate this process so that the email arrives a few days after the user has made the purchase, it will be much better. Another micro strategy is that of influencers; Find an influencer who deals with topics related to what you offer and make a collaboration.


# 4: loyalty

In case you didn’t know, it is often said that getting a new client is 10 times more expensive than keeping one you already have; This is why loyalty marketing (well done) is so successful. Of the 5 marketing strategies that I will discuss Taiwan Database here, this is the one with the least reach; mainly because it will only reach people who have already bought your product at least once.


This type of marketing focuses on catching your customer once they make the first purchase. Here it is extremely important to know your client and what he has acquired; In this way you can offer complementary products, reminders so that you do not forget to buy it again before the one you already have runs out, future promotions that may be useful, etc. The most common thing to do this type of marketing is hiring a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) that allows automating different processes.


# 5: Sponsorships

It is one of the most used marketing strategies and to which brands dedicate a good part of their budget. It consists of sponsoring events (sporting, musical, cultural …), content (blog articles, for example), videos, workshops, conferences or even spaces. The purpose of sponsorship is usually twofold: on the one hand, there is a commercial objective and, on the other, it serves to enhance the brand image. The fact that a company appears linked to certain events and is behind them helps to create and strengthen its branding. Social networks in this case are used, above all, to disseminate and publicize these Sponsorships.

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