5 years publishing daily and how I managed not to become a slave to my blog

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5 years publishing daily and how I managed not to become a slave to my blog

We are already in the sixth year publishing daily on the blog. This has been my strategy not to become a slave to it.
After 5 years in a row publishing a post day after day, one could say that I have become a slave to my blog. Typically one of the first tasks of my day before the office fills up with people is to check out so I don’t have to do it when everyone is on top of me asking me questions every two by three. slave Australia Mobile Number Database photo rights Casting a cable to everyone is not always possible
With the passage of time I have been relieving the pressure that this publication rate entails. I am based on three pillars:

I write about what comes to mind at the moment . Everything is based on my experience with my own projects or those of clients. Sometimes something better comes out, sometimes something worse. I am not looking for perfection. I bet more on constancy.
I am not available to everyone . I’d like to catch up with everyone and spend an hour on the phone with someone who needs “guidance” but for most things a Google search is more effective than talking to me on the phone.
Center communication in few channels . If you are interested in contacting me because you need help, I understand that you have to make it comfortable for me. It is not a question of looking for simplicity for yourself. If you send me a message on Facebook Messenger, it is unlikely that I will reply.
This may sound a bit brusque when bloggers are supposed to be the world’s volunteer helpers who are passionate about nothing more than selflessly helping others. Do not get me wrong.

Throwing a cable is not a problem when you have the feeling that that person by their own means and resources has already tried everything. What I don’t like is when they want to make you work because someone is not willing to invest the research time on their own. Even if this is not the case, it is not always possible to help everyone. Chip swaps to make a blog a long-term pleasure
When you start you are desperate because you have the feeling that all the effort made is worthless. A blog at the end is an inbound marketing strategy . It requires patience. When the results begin to arrive the attention you receive, it requires more and more time on your part without you still earning a single penny.Australia Phone Number List

I have found a solution that probably not everyone likes but that allows me to have a balance between profit and daily time invested. This is my route:
I am not looking for perfection : I prefer to generate a result than to generate none. There are people who are not able to give less than 100%, which prevents them from moving forward.
I do not have to like everyone : it is an impossible task. Why lose the time? Better to like a few than to care for no one because of wanting to please everyone.
I hardly respond to comments : over time they have been disappearing from this blog. It’s honestly a sense of relief not to have the pressure of having to answer to everyone. There are people who consider it disrespectful. In the end, you have to prioritize and not everything is compatible.
I do not correct my posts : another thing that Taiwan Database feels quite bad for many is the fact that I have a lot of spelling errors in my posts. I do not review what I write. It’s a time-saving way to generate more daily content.
This is what there are friends. You can’t do it all. I am content with being imperfect, not liking everyone and not doing things 100%. You have to prioritize. I hope that despite all my flaws, media content continues to add value. That at least is the feedback that some of you keep giving me.

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