60+ Basic Photoshop Shortcuts You Didn’t Know You Needed

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60+ Basic Photoshop Shortcuts You Didn’t Know You Needed

Have you been using Photoshop for a while and don’t know how to improve your workflow? Or have you just started using it and feel like it takes a long time to find the tools and other options? This usually happens very often, when we are just getting familiar with the software or we don’t know the main Photoshop shortcuts . Similarly, you did not know it, but shortcuts are essential for any designer who, in addition to taking care of the quality of their projects, seeks to have an efficient workflow. While most Photoshop shortcuts take years of practice to learn (there really are a lot), there are a few you could learn to use today. They are ideal to start the path of an optimal mastery of this software. Also, you don’t know how much time you’ll save by using them. Similarly, will finish your designs faster than before.

Therefore, without realizing it, you will be able to optimize your work without having to look for rituals to improve productivity . So the time has come to learn how to use them. In this note we have made a selection of the basic Photoshop keyboard shortcuts , both for Windows and Mac users. We refer to the shortcuts for the main functions, such as Zoom, Undo or rotate image; and for the tools and layers section. Similarly, we start? Use the Estonia Phone Number CREH20 to get a 20% discount on your membership Coupon Crehana premium courses Basic Photoshop Shortcuts Photoshop shortcuts can be classified into several categories, depending on what they do and how often they are used.

Basic Photoshop Shortcuts

At this point we want to share with you the Photoshop commands that you should know to handle the basic aspects of the program , from creating new documents to easily rotating images. Therefore, Windows and Mac: Press the letter “Z”. 100% zoom Windows: Ctrl + 1. Mac: Cmd + 1. Ward off Windows: Hold down the Alt key. Mac: Hold down the Option key. fit screen Windows: Ctrl + 0. Mac: Cmd + 0. Fit the image to the workspace. Select everything Windows: Ctrl + A. Rules Windows: Ctrl + R. Mac: Cmd + R. Show / Hide guides Windows.

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Ctrl + ; Mac: Cmd + ; Lock / Unlock guides Windows: Ctrl + Shift + ; Mac: Cmd + Shift + ; rotate image Press the letter “R”, click and drag with the mouse. invert colors Windows: Shift + Ctrl + I. Cmd + I Move between documents Windows: Ctrl + Tab. Cmd + Tab Switch to the previous document Windows: Shift + Ctrl + Tab. Mac: Shift + Cmd + ` (accent grave).  Close all documents except the current document Windows: Ctrl + Alt + P. Mac: Cmd + Alt + P. Change the screen mode Windows: Shift + F. Mac: Shift + F. Open curve box Windows: Ctrl + M. Mac: Cmd + M. Image size Windows: Alt + Ctrl + Q. Mac: Option + Cmd + Q. Canvas size Windows: Alt + Ctrl + C. Mac: Option + Cmd + C. color settings Windows: Shift + Ctrl + K. Mac: Shift + Cmd + K.

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Therefore, shortcuts Source: Jesus Ramirez of Photoshop Training Channel Tool Shortcuts Knowing the Photoshop commands to use its tools can help you optimize your workflow, and although you don’t have to learn each of the shortcuts that exist, it is a good idea that you know the shortcuts for the Photoshop tools most used by users . graphic designers . Fabián Moncada, professor of the course Adobe Photoshop CC from scratch: Expert in graphic design , explains the importance of Photoshop tools for graphic design: “ As its name indicates, the toolbox has all the tools saved and organized, so that the user can use them in favor of the design he is creating. Therefore, the toolbox is paramount, there are all the tools with which you are going to design ”.

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