73% of Spaniards already make consumption decisions for ethical or sustainability reasons

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73% of Spaniards already make consumption decisions for ethical or sustainability reasons

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), in collaboration with the NESI Global Forum (New Economy and Social Innovation Forum), has carried out the study ‘Another consumption for a better future’, in which it analyzes how consumers are today, what is their relationship with the new economies (circular, green, collaborative, social and solidarity, feminist, ethical finance?), what barriers do they face and what are the expectations they place on their consumption decisions so that they contribute to a better world .

The report has been prepared from a survey of a sample of 1,284 people representative of the Spanish population, from the conclusions drawn from  us mobile no example  three discussion groups with consumers committed to responsible consumption, from an exploratory survey of 340 people to measure habits of this type of consumer, and of 26 interviews conducted with experts in sustainable consumption and new economies.

Its results show that Spanish consumers give more and more importance to ethical and ecological aspects when making purchasing decisions: 73% of those surveyed state that they take them into account when choosing one or the other products. .

In addition, 62% of Spaniards believe that their consumption is a very powerful tool to change the world, and 57% feel identified with the messages of the new economies at the service of people and the planet, despite the fact that most of them are not yet familiar with these initiatives.

On the other hand, the study reveals that consumers who are receptive to consuming more sustainably face barriers such as lack of information (60%), price (58%), accessibility (54%) or even difficulty to find responsible companies (52%).

Regarding the price, despite the fact that the options certified as more ethical, bio or eco, are often more expensive, 10% of those surveyed acknowledge that they would be willing to pay an extra cost without conditions and for any type of product. This percentage is slightly increased if this surcharge is small (36%) or if it concerns specific products that refer to issues with which they are particularly sensitive (24%).

According to OCU, consumers are aware that complete consistency is difficult to carry out, as there are many nuances that are unknown, contradictory information is received and it is easy for dilemmas to arise. However, it is also evident that Spanish users already practice  us mobile no example  a more conscious consumption, reflect more on the impact of their decisions and look beyond their individual interests when making the purchase.

In addition, the survey also shows that those people who are already involved in the new economies (circular, green, collaborative, social and solidarity, feminist, ethical finance?) Systematically adopt more sustainable consumption habits and decisions. And that there is a direct correspondence between ideas and facts: the more awareness of the problems, the more sustainable consumption habits are adopted.

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