8 Ideas to take advantage of old posts on your blog!

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8 Ideas to take advantage of old posts on your blog!

It’s about time you took all those old posts that you wrote back in the day, dust them off and give them a very good use. Those that cost you effort to carry out but that you did not use again. Because yes, if you have a blog on your website, you will know that, at times, it can be difficult to keep it updated. Either because you can’t think of what to talk about, or because you think that the content you are writing is not good enough, because you feel like you repeat hong kong number phone yourself with the topics, because you don’t have time and, well… A long etcetera that you will already know. Still, keeping your blog updated is a plus point to take into account. Why? Why update old blog posts? Everything changes. Something you have to keep in mind is that everything is constantly changing at all times and what you wrote 1 month, 1 year or whatever time ago, may be out of date and, therefore, you would be giving little useful or even false information to users who visit that post. Frequency of visits by bots. Adding new content makes your site be visited more frequently by the bots of each search engine. If search engines recognize that your site does not contain anything new every time these bots visit it, they will understand that it does not need to be visited as often.

Why then would they waste time entering a site that has nothing new to contribute? Staying current should be a must. If new content is added to your site, it is not only an indication for these bots to visit your site periodically because they need to check it, but it is also an opportunity for said content to be valuable information for users who visit your website. SEO positioning. New content, having a recent date, is more likely to appear in the top positions, since it is often searched using filters so that only current results appear or according to a specific date. Analyze the current statistics. If you take a look at your site’s Google Analytics and see that there are old posts that are still getting traffic, don’t you think it would be a good idea to use them to gain even more traffic? If, even though they are outdated, they get traffic, it means that you are having a traffic source that you are not taking advantage of and they can be much more useful to you. Even so, if you don’t have a blog on your website, it’s taking time to find out ➡️ all the benefits of having a corporate blog ! You don’t know what to do with that content on your #blog that has become outdated? Well, there you have a great source of traffic that you are wasting.

Find out about these 8 ways to make your old posts useful! Click to Tweet 8 ways to take advantage of old blog posts 1. Create a step-by-step guide A downloadable guide is not only a way to provide valuable content to your users, but also a good way to get their data for a list of subscribers. It is also a good way to show that you really care to be able to give a solution to their problem, since it requires more dedication to explain each of the steps so that it can really be useful to the user. 2. Make it visual. Design an infographic Another very good way to use the content already created is to make it visual through an infographic . It is quite a useful and easy-to-use Taiwan Database resource that can help you understand the topic much faster. If you need tools to create your own infographic , you can try these! Canva Venngage Visme Photoshop You can also see here an example of an infographic about Responsive Web Design . 3. Update the content and rewrite your post As we mentioned before, if your content is old and the information you gave has changed over time, the most logical thing is to update it, right? Since you do not want to give information that is no longer useful to users who visit your blog.

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