8 trends that will mark 2019 in the eCommerce sector

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8 trends that will mark 2019 in the eCommerce sector

In recent years, the forms of consumption and purchasing methods have evolved at breakneck speed. Electronic commerce has carved a hole in the minds and pockets of men and women internationally: according to CNMC data, the first quarter of 2018 was the strongest in history, with more than 8.9 billion euros generated as a result of online commerce. A few days after the end of the year, has produced a report through which they have analyzed the main trends that will star the eCommerce scene in Spain during the next year 2019:

The smartphone, the engine that drives the smart consumer
The digital revolution continues to transform the way people shop and also the buyers themselves. These changes have led to talk about the smart consumer, a digitalized intelligent consumer, aware of all the information available on the internet and how to use it  usa and i phone number  to make the best purchasing decisions. Spain is one of the leading countries in mobile penetration worldwide and, for several years now, the first in Europe. In fact, the mobile phone is the most used device in Spain to connect to the internet: up to 97% of Spaniards have a mobile phone, 87% of which are smartphones. Mobile conversion will be one of the challenges for 2019; If you work on improving the mobile browsing experience and the way content is displayed, you will also improve the user experience.

Men are still the majority when buying online
Regarding the user profile, men are more akin to online shopping (54.7%), although in Spain, the presence of women in the electronic purchasing process (45.3%) is greater than in any other country analyzed. At the regional level, the highest percentage of online shoppers is male in general, with the exception of Andalusia, where up to 59% of online shoppers are women, a figure up to 13.7% above the Spanish average. At the other end of the ranking are the Valencian Community and the Canary Islands, where women represent only 39% of the total searches for products online.

Artificial intelligence and eCommerce
Artificial intelligence is positioned as one of the best options to increase online shopping. The user, increasingly knowledgeable about the Internet and its possibilities, seeks a personalized purchase and a direct deal that is generated as a result of the information left on the web. Each buyer has a trace that artificial intelligence is able to identify, which allows the precision when analyzing the tastes of each one to be greater and greater, and involves more and more purchases on the network.

Usability in Spanish stores
Usability is one of the factors that determines in many cases the degree of customer satisfaction with a purchase. The more facilities the navigation and the purchase process offer, the more likely it is that that product will end up in the cart. Spanish stores are well aware of its great importance, and 90% of those analyzed meet the minimum usability requirements as far as PC navigation is concerned. It is important to note that, for any eCommerce, the most important step is the checkout, the moment in which the purchase occurs. Favoring usability at this point will greatly favor the purchase of the product. On the other hand, privacy continues to be one of the most important factors for consumers, who in many cases prefer to buy as a guest; Despite this, 52% of the stores analyzed have mandatory registration.

Omnichannel seeks to adapt to the needs of the user and offer a better experience through the medium that best suits him, so the fundamental requirement for it to occur is to unify all the channels in which the brand is present, in such a way that the user can be recognized regardless of the channel from which they arrive. The main advantages of a multichannel strategy are increased customer loyalty, the creation of a strong brand image, and increased productivity.

Cross-border Shopping: How to reach European consumers
Up to 50% of the analyzed Spanish stores offer the possibility of shipping abroad. In Spain up to 28% of the analyzed stores are available in a foreign language. In addition, up to 8% accept payment in a currency other than the euro. Thanks, among others, to the role of marketplaces and comparators, the number of online stores that ship abroad is growing. The increasingly internationalized platforms make the purchase process so homogeneous that the end consumer hardly notices if they buy in their own country or if the package is sent from another. This is a real opportunity for stores to access a much larger potential audience and see their sales skyrocket.

Black Friday, the king of eCommerce
The Christmas campaign has been for many years the most anticipated moment for businesses, both physical and online. However, traditions such as Black Friday, imported from the United States, have advanced the Christmas campaign of practically all businesses in our country and for many it has become a source of income as important, or even more  usa and i phone number , than Christmas. Black Friday continues to grow in our country and will continue to do so in the coming years. The smartphone is becoming the main medium from which consumers hunt for great bargains, so it will be crucial to prioritize these users on the next Black Friday.

Smart eCommerce: the importance of a good pricing strategy
At the height of e-commerce in Spain, the number of online stores is growing in practically all sectors. Despite the constant increase in online purchases, the increase in competition makes it difficult for stores to open a gap in the market. In 2019, more and more stores will focus on improving their pricing strategy, but it is essential to gain the trust of consumers and work to maintain it to retain them, since, in the long term, it represents a greater guarantee of sales than having the price lowest on the market

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