A Boost for Logo Design: Paper

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A Boost for Logo Design: Paper

With the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440, the production of printed materials increased. From that moment, those who printed materials and authors of works sought to demonstrate to the world the ownership of their work, using logos to identify them. Later, in the mid-seventeenth century, the first printed newspaper with regular circulation arrived and later, as its popularity grew, advertisements were implemented. A Revolution: The Beginning of the Industry and Famous Logos In the history of the logo, this stage is key since its appearance begins to be more similar to the logo idea that we have today. In this period, you will be able to recognize some of the brands that began to be created and that still exist. Many of them are famous logos that have been preserved or have had updates.

But before knowing them, why did the industry and advertising start? With the industrial revolution, a mass production of printed materials and, also, of goods in general, for which the companies were established and with it, the brands of their products. Smart entrepreneurs quickly noticed the fact that both design and communication through advertising could generate more sales in their businesses, so they reflected on the need to differentiate one brand from another, hence the Austria Phone Number of logos. On the other hand, during the Victorian era (1837-1901), many artists and designers began to consecrate what we know today as “graphic design”, since within the reign of Queen Victoria, many symmetrical designs, heavy ornamentation and decor. Therefore, the discipline of design was gaining relevance within society.

The Beginning of the Industry and Famous Logos

In fact, graphic design has become a must in the current era. Its materialization is not only a matter of logos, its importance also lies in the packaging of the products. Or the creative pieces that circulate in the digital ecosystem. If you still have doubts about this discipline or you are very curious to know even more about it, why not learn in depth what graphic design is , why it is important and what is its history? Continuing with the history of the logo, the first one created for a brand was that of the Bass Brewery brewing company, which was born together with the United Kingdom Trademark Registration Act in 1876. old logo example Photo: Pinterest On the other hand, one of the companies that emerged at this time was Coca Cola, the best-known beverage brand worldwide and that was born during this time.

Austria Phone Number

The logo has transcended time and is one of the best logos in history. Since it mostly retains its characteristic Spencerian style typography since 1905. Frank Mason Robinson was not only in charge of designing the Coca Cola logo. Because before he had suggested the name with the two capital C’s. Let’s see, then, the evolution of the Coca Cola logo: coca cola logo evolution Photo. Pinterest The success of its visual identity is also due to its bottle design. Which was into the 1993 version of the logo. The subtle and clever evolution of this brand over the years makes the history of the. Coca Cola logo worthy of recognition. be Another important detail. Within this stage of the history of the logo is the creation of the serigraphy. Since 1907, it became possible to print on different surfaces beyond paper.

A Different Path: Creating Logos With Intent

The appearance of this stage is born from a key moment that generates a question about the creation of logos. Its design was increasing to the same extent that advertising. Cinema and companies were also growing, since each of them. Was allocating a larger budget in advertising and marketing. Therefore, they began to realize the importance of having. A good logo and that this would not happen from a simple thought process. Reflection and conceptualization began to be as something important when creating a logo from scratch. An example is McDonald’s and its logo, which had a great evolution at this time. Among the criteria used is the famous psychology of color. The implementation of red, which evokes a sense of urgency and appetite. Surely you have heard, on occasion, something about “color psychology”.

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