A good ad should have such an effect that it is impossible for someone not to click.

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A good ad should have such an effect that it is impossible for someone not to click.

AND WITHOUT extensions, this task will be very difficult. Before you go crazy and use Google Ads ad extensions without any control, you should learn 4 basics of the topic, since this is where most people go wrong, dramatically affecting their CTR. Where most people go wrong with Google Ads ad extensions The ad extensions of Google Ads promise many things to advertisers. And nothing is more attractive than increasing our CTR. It is surprising to see case studies where companies increase their CTR by 50%, making huge profits. But sometimes, the promise of a high CTR leads us to make mistakes, causing precisely the opposite australia mobile no effect. After checking the good results of the extensions through Google’s own studies, it can be tempting to apply extensions to all of our ads. And why not? Add them to everything you have; so you can add phone numbers, locations, messages, discounts, sitelinks, and highlights. But be careful, and this is where this information becomes useful for you; If you do not proceed correctly, configuring the extensions can negatively affect your CTR.

How could it negatively affect my CTR? Reducing the relevance of your ads and lowering quality scores leads to more expensive clicks with worse performance. If you’re not familiar with the quality score metric, here’s a quick refresher course: Your quality score is expressed on a scale of 1 to 10 and estimates the relevance of the ads; This is measured by keywords and landing page user experience. According to Google, the higher your quality score, the more relevant and affordable your ads will be. The quality score is made up of three distinct characteristics: Landing page experience. Expected CTR. Ad relevance. So what exactly does extensions affect? The extensions adwords ad can influence both the relevance of the ad and the CTR expected. Using the wrong ad extensions or those that don’t apply to your goals will result in a lower than average CTR. As a consequence, the quality score will be low without mentioning a significant impact on the relevance of the ad.

Your landing page can still be maintained as it will not be affected by extensions. However, keep in mind that this factor only affects 1/3 of the total quality score. Most people screw up ad extensions when they don’t tailor them to each specific ad. When using extensions, make sure they support or enhance the call to action towards accomplishing your goal; Also, be sure to make them relevant to your users so that it is impossible for them not to click. For example: If your intention is for users to visit your website, it doesn’t make sense to use phone call Taiwan Database extensions. You already know what Google Ads ad extensions are , why you should use them, and where most people fail; Now it is time to delve into each of the types of extensions that Google Ads offers us and how to configure them.

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