A Google study revealed that 92% of travelers share

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A Google study revealed that 92% of travelers share

Their experience on social networks and 1 in 5 people use it to select their destination, hotel and restaurant. We get to the point that interests you the most. How to use social networks to promote your tourism business? Take note. Marketing on Instagram instagramIt has all the qualities to be the queen of the tourist party. It is the one that stands out the most in the visual content that you can publish on the platform, from paradisiacal beaches, breakfasts in the middle of nature and hotels floating in lakes. Accounts with multiple resources: IGTV: Create indian mobile number series list travel guides, videos with travel tips, local gastronomy and curiosities and customs. Instagram Stories: You have 15 seconds to get the customer’s attention so I recommend some very simple tips: Post varied, spontaneous and creative content. Take advantage of the hashtags and choose the ones that relate to your sector, location and destination. Share stories or images of customers who visit you and who have tagged you. In this way, you will create interaction or engagement. Show the more human side of your business. Use the survey, question, and quiz options to connect with your followers. Instagram ADS: Growth on Instagram is unstoppable. For this reason, the platform makes available to users the possibility of increasing the reach of the tourism company through the purchase of advertisements.

Influencers: It is valid to get likes, interactions, publicize products and services and even and transmit company values. Keep reading and later I will tell you details about this marketing action. influencer hotel marketing Reviews and comments: One way to build trust and social reputation is to share customer opinions in stories. Remember that recommendations influence decision making. Stand out with your profile image: Make your account feed more attractive by playing with images, compositions and colors. Having an eye-catching feed will make people want to go to your business. Use user content: “Normal” people have the ability to generate even more trust than influencers. The reason is very simple, it publishes spontaneous and less planned content. Re-post it mentioning these people as a thank you. Geolocations: Including labels with the geographic location will serve to bring together all the contents in the same place. Hashtags: Creating a tag related to your brand will help you expand the reach of your publications and will make them always find the same place. You can also generate branding if other users also share this hashtag. Customer service: The platform serves to offer immediate solutions to the customer. Since, when you have a problem, you do not usually call the agency but send your questions to the company’s networks.

Especially if we talk about a millennial generation or Z. Sweepstakes and contests: By simply asking for an action such as tagging or using a hashtag you can greatly promote your tourism products or services. If you don’t try it, you can’t know the impact it has. Use the BIO link: Through it the user can buy or reserve without having to leave the tool. You can put the direct link to your web page or create a landing page only for them to book or perform a certain action. Another option is to create a page with different buttons that interest the business. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE FOR FREE! Can’t sell through your website? 12 actions to save, scale and automate Taiwan Database the income of your digital business I want the guide ebook blog Facebook FacebookThis network has become a source of inspiration for planning vacations. For this reason, it is not only to publish photographs, but the objective that you must set yourself is the participation of people and then retain them. I recommend that you include valuable content in every 7 out of 10 publications, games and promotions in 2 out of 10 and information about products and services 1 in 10. Even so, this must be tested and measured to see if it is effective or we must change the strategy.

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