A little trick that helps you increase the conversion rate of subscribers on your blog

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A little trick that helps you increase the conversion rate of subscribers on your blog

How can you increase the conversion rate when it comes to attracting new subscribers? The ideal is to make a segmentation with a specific hook content. Segmentation. It is the magic word of the new marketing that is not really that new either. It’s what has worked all our lives but thanks to new technologies we really have a chance to finally get it right. Getting more Kuwait Phone Number List photo rights Nothing new: create hook content to attract subscribers When you get the word “trick” you get everyone’s attention. Behind it is the expectation that quick results can be obtained without much effort. If this is your case, I am sorry to have to disappoint you because although it is easy to apply it, it is not fast. Let’s get down to business. I’m not telling you anything new when I tell you that you need hook content to attract subscribers . The more currado and elaborated the better. Up to here we will all agree. Now comes the most complicated part, but it will help you increase the conversion rate in an important way.

The normal thing is to create 1 hook content for the entire blog. If you have 2 you are already above average. Now I come and tell you that it is best to be between 5-10. Before you have a heart attack, I’ll explain why this great job may be worth it. “Trick”: create a different e-book for each category of your blog Let’s say you have a running blog. This example is easier for me since I have a blog that deals with the subject. Within this website you will talk about training, nutrition, racing, motivation, equipment, etc. The ideal is to organize all this content through categories. Now comes the “trick”. The ideal is to offer a different content (webinar, e-book, podcast, etc.) depending on the topic of the post. Here are some examples:Theirs is to take advantage of the interest of the user in the moment. E.g. If you have an article about the Madrid Marathon that generates a lot of traffic, it might be worth making a specific e-book on that topic. Kuwait Phone Number List

Said it is. I will do it on this blog to share the results with you. You may have already noticed that I have made some changes by implementing new forms Taiwan Database . To carry out this task at a technical level, I will be recommending some tools within the series on attracting subscribers for your blog .

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