A New Invention: Create Logo in Design Programs

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A New Invention: Create Logo in Design Programs

As technology advanced, so did the ways of doing things, and that included logo design. In the 1970s, computer-generated imagery (CGI) and computer-aided drafting (CAD) technologies were developed. Years later, with the great popularity that computers were receiving, Adobe developed Illustrator and later, InDesign and Photoshop. This opened a great door in digital graphic design and in the history of the logo, massifying its production through incredible tools never created before. And if by the way you were wondering what can be done with Photoshop , well, there’s a world of possibilities! You can edit photos, do digital painting, design web pages, edit videos, make 3D illustrations, create photo frames, make photomontages… On the other hand, when the use of screens through television and computers increased.

Logos went from being simple to transforming and adapting the escheumorphism style, which sought to add depth with gradients, drop shadows and metallic and wood textures. Would you like to venture into graphic design programs to not only make the most eye-catching logos with the most impact on the market, but also to create unique and innovative pieces? Crehana graphic design courses are for beginners, advanced level and expert level. Take a look at everything you can Azerbaijan Phone Number online! graphic design programs young man using computer Source: Pexels A new era: Modern logos adapt to the digital world We already see that technological advances have been important in the evolution of design and logo. Undoubtedly, one of them was the invention and growth of social networks.

A New Era: Modern Logos Adapt to the Digital World

Which were important in the decision to create modern logos that could be to different media and understood from different digital formats. Speaking of social networks, if you scroll down a bit, we present you with the example of Instagram. The left side you can see the logo applying the skeleton of the previous generation. On the right side, its latest version that shows that minimalist logos are today, with a simple appearance and adaptable to any type of medium, built to last for your brand. instagram minimalist logo Photo: Via Dribba One point to note in the history of the logo is that it is a visual element that has never lost importance.  As the ages and centuries passed, the logos were becoming more and more relevant for the identification of, for example, businesses.

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It is like the “visible face” of any organization and precisely for that reason, it must provide a good first impression . As explained in an article published in Forbes , the logo helps to build, along with other elements, the brand image. It is even an aspect worth surveying to find the best option for brands. Of course, it is not a minor issue, as is clear from everything we have mentioned so far. Studies, such as the one in a Harvard Business Review article , are often used to find out which logo is most appropriate. And that has been the history of the logo! It is impressive to see the evolution of design, as well as of society embodied in logos. Nothing by mere , because everything was to the different events that society went through, as well as to the behavior of people and their culture.

Resources to Make Your Own Logo

Before finishing, we want to ask you the following: has reading the history of the logo motivated you to design one? Great! Because we have excellent news for you. Next, we leave you a list of resources that you can use to make the best logos. Resources to make your own logo Yes, just as you have read! We bring you a bonus track of resources so you can make your own logo today if you wish. The best? All these tools that we list here are one hundred percent free. Which means that you only have to download them and that’s it. You don’t have to pay anything in return but, on the contrary, get down to work! Let’s see, then, what are some of the main free. Crehana resources that you can take advantage of to create your logo.

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