Active Campaign: Opinion on the email marketing provider

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Active Campaign: Opinion on the email marketing provider

I assure you, that of all the tools to promote products and services in an automated and scalable way that I have tested, without a doubt, I give Active Campaign my 5 stars. And this is the reason why I have done this article, to show you what I consider one of my favorite digital marketing tools of 2021. Discover how to boost your email campaigns with Active Campaign, the most powerful Automated Marketing tool on the market.CLICK TO TWEET For a long time, I have used it to plan my campaigns for both SMEs and large companies. Therefore, I am going to share with you my opinion and impressions about this CRM and digital marketing software. ARTICLE INDEX india mobile number format example What is Active Campaign and why should it be part of my sales funnel? My take on Active Campaign [Review] What is Active Campaign and why should it be part of my sales funnel? Before I start to explore the application and give you my opinion, let’s see what it is and what it is for. They tell us themselves from their website: “It is a marketing and sales automation platform that helps companies connect and engage with their customers.

It allows you to create optimized experiences by automating processes and communicating with your customers through channels with personalized messages ”. In other words, the tool aims to: Manage email marketing. Execute marketing strategy operations. Automate sales. Play the role of CRM with the aim of obtaining loyal customers. One of its strengths that I like the most is that, on a regular basis, it updates its functions taking into account the suggestions of its customers. And that is a plus compared to the competition. My take on Active Campaign [Review] As we already know what it is, let’s begin to break down the most relevant points of Active Campaign so that you can implement it in your business as soon as possible. 1. Allows you to create automations in a professional way When it comes to evaluating the different alternatives of email marketing managers, it is common to feel overwhelmed due to the wide variety of options available. Don’t worry, it’s normal. We all know that automation is the backbone of attracting, promoting and selling your products and / or services. Therefore, I recommend that you carefully study each of the options in order to increase subscriber engagement thanks to your valuable content. It is vitally important to know how to adapt the automations according to the behavior and interests of the user when receiving the emails received.

Because of this, we must know how to configure essential elements as triggers or triggers within the sales funnel . These triggers are used to activate the automated actions of the campaigns. Among the most popular we find: Subscription to a list or welcome (Subscribed to a list), for example for the person who purchases a product or service. Form submission (Submits a form), is activated the moment the person answers the questions requested in a form Taiwan Database and submits them. A welcome email can be automatically sent with Active Campaign. Open and read an email (Opens / reads an email). Click on the link of the emails sent (Clicks a link in an email), reflected in the famous expression “If you want more information click here”. Visits to the web page (Webpage is visited). Reply to an email (Replies to an email). Practical example of how triggers work A user visits your online store looking for sportswear, but after browsing your website for a couple of minutes, he does not buy any product, he has put one in the basket, but he does not buy.

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