Add Color to Your Character

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Add Color to Your Character

Once you have a sketch you’re happy with, it’s time to proceed with the character tweaks. But, wait, before that the Procreate tutorial suggests that you try to put a plain background , of the tone that you prefer, but that is within the palette that you are managing. plain background cartoon character creation Now yes, let’s get to work! Create a new layer, choose the color of your character’s body and the Medium Bico brush, and then proceed to fill in the sketch you have created , achieving a result like the following: fill outline cartoon character Once this is accomplished, move the layer you drew on behind the layer your character sketch was on and lower the opacity quite a bit. animated characters in procreate.

After this, choose the Gloaming brush and erase all the paint that has been left outside the guide lines of your character’s body. stuffed animated characters procreate With the hair you do the same procedure, using a darker or lighter tone, but that differentiates it from the color of your character’s body. creation outline cartoon character procreate When you already have the body and the hair drawn, mix the two layers to have a single illustration . Animation Benin Phone Number Template Animation Script Template Do you have a great animation story in mind and want to start making your project a reality? The first step in creating a great cinematographic work is to write an animation script.

Time for Details

Download 6. Time for details It’s time to generate the outline of your character through the shadows. For that, following the Procreate tutorial, we suggest you initially define where the light that will generate those shadows will come from. Based on that routing, you will be able to define the shadows and rays that will highlight the outline of your animated character and also give volume to the character. lights and shadows animated charactersOn this occasion, Fonseca used two beams of light, one white and one green, and based on both, he created the shadows and brightness on the body and hair of his character. When this contour is already thanks to the play of lights, continuing with the Procreate tutorial, we move on to the definition of the character’s face.

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Which is to be drawn with a dark color from the color palette or rather. With a color that makes a great contrast with the tone used on the skin. To allow the features to shine. face cartoon character procreate. To give the animated character more presence in the Procreate tutorial. They suggest the inclusion of other details that will make the drawing stand out. Such as the brightness of light in specific areas or some extra shades of pink light. Which was the color that we needed to use. of the color palette. details cartoon procreate. When you feel satisfied with what you have done you can start playing with the background. Would you like to change that monochromatic canvas that your character is on?

Online Courses on Digital Illustration

So let your imagination run wild. Although Fonseca gives you certain tips in the Procreate tutorial, this is your time to let your creativity run wild. And that’s it, you already have your ‘Soul’ character personified and performed exclusively by you, aren’t you proud? final animated character procreate We hope that this Procreate tutorial has been of great help. To you and that you now know how to create an animated character. Based on this new knowledge, you will surely be able to start venturing into the world of animation. Everything with practice and patience is completely possible. Do not stop! If after learning this you consider that it is necessary to know. More about handling Procreate, we invite you to enroll in our online. Procreate from scratch course , by Marco Pichardo.

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