Advantages of an electronic commerce In

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Advantages of an electronic commerce In

The e – commerce has redefined the way of buying and selling; the possibility of acquiring any product from the comfort of your living room, your room or from anywhere with the help of your mobile. The growth of this business model has been exponential in recent years; In Spain, for 2017, 20% of purchases made at the national level happened online ( Statista ). For 2019 this figure continues to increase with 80% of Spaniards admitting to having made at least one purchase online. However, these figures are no surprise for any digital agency in Spain . An online store has multiple advantages over a physical store; especially for small and medium businesses. In this blog post I will mention the main advantages of having an e-commerce ; If the idea of ​​setting turkey mobile number sample up an ecommerce has been spinning around in your head but you still have doubts, I hope this post helps you to clear them up and make the decision to do it. You will not regret it! Statistics of e-commerce in Spain Before we begin, I would like to share some proven statistics on the state of eCommerce in Spain. This will help you get a better idea about the current status of this business model. In 2018, the sector that took the highest percentage of e-commerce revenue was travel agencies and tour operators. (Source: CNMC) During the fourth quarter of 2018, more than 205 million were registered, 33.2% more than the previous year. (Source: marketing4ecommerce) During the fourth quarter of 2018, Spanish eCommerce websites have managed to capture 49.2% of revenue, while the remaining 50.7% corresponds to purchases originating in Spain made to online stores abroad. (Source: marketing4ecommerce) Find out more statistics on digital marketing in Spain Advantages of an electronic commerce Now yes, below we will present 8 advantages of acquiring an electronic commerce for the commercialization of your product or service.

Cost reduction Keep in mind that an electronic store is a virtual space and not a physical one; in this way, there is a notable reduction in monthly fixed expenses such as services, salaries, etc. that a physical store would require. Now, it is necessary to clarify that an online store also requires an initial investment and some monthly fees; however, the sum of these costs is less than half the investment required for a store. 2. Sell 24/7 A face-to-face store requires employees and employees work fixed hours; then they leave because they need to rest. However, an e-commerce is a store active 24 hours a day, this means that your customers can make purchases at any time they want. 3. Accessibility anytime, anywhere In a physical store, the customers who can access your business are those who are close to it; A person interested in acquiring one of your products may finally decide not to buy it because, to do so, they must have money to travel and enough time to go to your store, make the purchase and return. In an online store, people can access to buy your products from any time and place. 4. Greater reach Even if people from your city are willing to go to your physical store, chances are that people from other cities will not; that is, unless your product is unique and exclusive. An electronic commerce allows people from other cities or even neighboring countries (depending on the parameters of your business) to purchase your products. 5. Custom products Today, custom products take the lead. Consumers want unique experiences and products tailored to our needs. If I am looking for a blue scooter wheel, a physical store will most likely not sell it; It will have black scooter wheels, but for space reasons, it will not have the product I am looking for.

Being able to offer the user exactly what they are looking for is a personalized experience. 6. Greater variety Returning to the previous point, in a physical store, storage space is limited; on the other hand, in an eCommerce it is a virtual space. In this way, an e-commerce allows you to offer a greater variety of products to your customers. 7. Analysis of results In the real world, measuring results becomes more complicated; know the actions that have generated more sales, the best times to sell, the number of people who enter vs. the ones that actually buy. The Internet has solved this problem for business; all online activity of a user is logged. What products do you see in your store? Which ones do you want to buy even if you don’t? What did they do before Taiwan Database arriving at your store? All this information can be collected and analyzed to improve the user experience and improve your sales in an online store . 8. Work from anywhere An e-commerce not only provides facilities for customers and sales. For you, as the owner or manager of this store, it gives you the opportunity to work from anywhere. Manage your business from the comfort of your home, serve your customers from wherever you want. This is one of the biggest benefits. These are the 8 benefits of opening an online store . Remember that these types of businesses continue to grow and you still have time to ride the wave and succeed. I hope this article has helped you to clear up some doubts if you are thinking of implementing an electronic commerce for your company.

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