Affiliate location extensions for Google Ads ads

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Affiliate location extensions for Google Ads ads

The location extensions affiliated are designed for businesses without a physical store but have distributors; also for those businesses with more than one physical location. If you continue reading, we will understand that your business is part of this category; If not, we invite you to read our article on Google Ads location extension . Who should use affiliate location extensions? These types of ad extensions can be used by various types of businesses; for example national retail brands, brands that sell products to other retailers, and even companies with multiple locations. If your business does not have a physical location Maybe you don’t have a physical store; however, you will be surprised how effective it is to redirect traffic from online searches to offline purchases. If you don’t have your own local store, don’t worry; you can take advantage mobile phone austria of affiliate location extensions to convert web searches into leads. These powerful extensions are great for companies that sell products through other distributors. For example, suppose you have a hardware brand and distribute it in multiple cities. People who want to buy your product will search for it online; By not having a physical store, this is where you take advantage of affiliate location extensions . These extensions will help you direct potential customers to these distributors who do have a physical place where the purchase can be finalized.

This way, when searching for your products, users will find the affiliate’s extension and then automatically go to that local store to buy your product. For companies with multiple locations For example, if your store has three locations in Madrid, you can provide all three locations in the same ad using this extension. This makes it easy for your customers to buy your products based on their location. Why are location extensions so effective? Nobody likes not having options, the truth is that we like to be able to choose and have our own criteria. These types of ad extensions provide users with more than one option to purchase the same product. Here are some example cases that will tell you why they are so effective: Let’s say you have an ecommerce someone who wants your product does not feel comfortable making an online purchase. With these extensions you give him the option of acquiring it feeling comfortable and safe. A potential customer wants your product but has had a bad experience with one of your distributors. Affiliate Location Extensions give you other options that you can go to. Someone wants your product and you have several distributors or stores in their city. Using these extensions helps you find the one that is closest to your location.

If we can make the buying process easier and more convenient for users, so much the better. In this way, affiliate location extensions help reduce friction. Set up affiliate location extensions In our Esparta Digital Marketing Agency we recommend the use of these extensions for all companies that need it; and it is that anyone can configure them. To configure this type of extensions, follow the steps that we will tell you below: First Go to the ads and extensions tab of your dashboard. Second select affiliated location extensions from the list. From here, you can start setting up general retailers, linking their accounts and locations to local retail stores based on the country Taiwan Database where the product is sold. After selecting the country, you can search from this extensive list of chains >> You just have to select a store and Google Ads will take care of the rest . Third Next, Google should automatically show you an example of what the ad extension would look like, and voilà! you already have it! Conclution As a digital marketing agency in Valencia , we have already used ad extensions on several occasions, so we hope that these entries will help you better understand this powerful tool that ad extensions are; but also that they help you to implement them correctly and better the marketing metrics of your business.

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