All about drip marketing

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All about drip marketing

The land of the marketing is one of the fields of study and work progresses at a faster rate. The truth is that, as it complements itself so well with technology, not many months go by without another possibility or option to advertise products or send messages. Precisely in this line of renewal would be one of the latest trends: drip marketing . What is drip marketing This technique is known as drip marketing . Basically, it consists of carrying out a very precise segmentation of the audience , but not only based on their sociodemographic or taste traits, but also based on the way in which they react to messages . These elements are essential to define buy phone in germany, in due course, in the strategic marketing plan of the company. It is nothing more than a section of inbound marketing and consists of creating a hypothetical roadmap to the different actions that users will take, once they are contacted. For example, in the case that an email is sent to them , there will be several possibilities: that they open it or not. That is already a point to segment. And, depending on how far they go with that email , one type of response or another can be offered.

It is, again, a personalization of the content, but not based on their tastes or characteristics, but in relation to their performance with respect to the campaigns that have been launched. What this type of campaign achieves is to achieve a great loyalty relationship with customers , since they feel flattered or rewarded, in many cases, since the messages that reach them manage to point to what they really want and the The way to articulate them has been to automate their responses and create a counter offer to each of them. It should be remembered that the final objective of this type of campaign is conversion. However, its internal segmentation allows this kind of conversion to occur in different areas at the same time. A group of users can click, others can buy and others can simply subscribe, since these campaigns cover several options. How to use it to achieve a goal Now, to design this type of strategy, you have to work in a certain way. The first of all will be to set certain objectives. In the background, there should always be the idea of ​​improving relationships with like-minded users , as this is what is achieved with this type of campaign.

The next step is segmentation . It should be noted that these campaigns function as an even more intense personalization process, so the audience must be segmented as precisely and precisely as possible, as well as the type of responses they can offer and the outputs or channels with which they are will respond to your actions. Subsequently, we think about the actions to be carried out, the time in which they will be working on them and the frequency of sending messages to the users on the list. Consequently, a calendar is made with what would come to be the pure campaign. Content, also in this type of project, is still king . It is necessary to think Taiwan Database about the best type of content that can be created and do not forget that it has to have some type of value for the user. In conclusion, drip marketing is a subcategory, within the deepest and broadest marketing strategies , that goes even deeper into the personalization and segmentation measures. Although it can pursue other objectives, it should be noted that, above all, what is sought is to improve the relationship with users.

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