All KPIs are metrics, but not all metrics are KPIs.

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All KPIs are metrics, but not all metrics are KPIs.

And that is why we have to define them, since we cannot look at all the existing metrics that we can get from our project. Not all of them are going to be useful nor are they all going to help us to know the profitability of it. Achievable SMART Goal Achievable . Making the goal reasonable is what will make it achievable. Taking these factors into account can help you be: The time it takes you to do it. The personal effort. The resources you have. The necesary resources. Budget. Other social, family, personal, etc. factors that may influence you. This does not mean that you are not ambitious, far from it. But it is very important to have a realistic vision to know honduras telephone directory if it is possible to carry it out or not. Relevant SMART Objective Relevant / Realistic . Ask yourself whether or not the individual goals you set are relevant to achieving the end goal . How do we know? It is easier if we ask ourselves these questions: What are we going to achieve with this objective? Does it bring us closer to our goal? What is it going to do for us in our company / business? Try to prioritize what really matters in your strategy. Is it within our means? Taking into account production capacity, market, equipment, obstacles, etc. Is it really important and necessary, or is it secondary? Prioritize your objectives to differentiate what is really profitable and important for your company / business.

SMART Objective Limited in time Limited in time . The time limit set to meet a goal is a very important part of achieving it. By setting a deadline, you will help us in many ways: Mark the different stages of our project. Avoid putting off important tasks. Organize the objectives among the whole team and based on their priority. Make sure you meet the objective. It will not have the same result saying “I want to start a newsletter for all users who visit my website” instead of saying “As of August 1, all users who visit the website will be able to subscribe to a newsletter.” In this way, you make sure you carry out your goals and do not postpone them for other tasks that may arise until you decide to do them. It helps you create a budget more in line with your work, avoiding wasting as little time as possible. It helps us to identify if something is being profitable for our project and to know if it is working as we want. Examples of SMART goals Objective 1 Increase our newsletter subscribers by 50% (from 2,000 to 2,500) within 30 days in order to increase visits to our website, publishing twice the number of posts that we published the previous month. S: Increase our newsletter subscribers by 50%. M: 50% (from 2,000 to 2,500). A: Publish twice as many posts as we published the previous month. A: Increase visits to our website.

T: Within 30 days. Objective 2 Increase our website traffic by 60% (from 1.00 to 1,600 visits per month) within 60 days, offering a new service thanks to a new member of the team, in order to achieve more sales opportunities. S: Increase our website traffic by 60% M: 60% (from 1,000 to 1,600 visits per month) A: Offer a new service thanks to a new member of the team. A: Get more sales possibilities. T: Within 60 days Objective 3 Increase the leads obtained by 40% compared to the previous month (from 500 to 700) thanks to a new campaign that will be carried out on Social Networks for 30 days, with the aim of increasing the sales of a product that was launched last month . S: Increase the leads obtained by 40%. M: 40% compared to the previous month (from 500 to 700). A: Campaign to be carried out on Social Networks. A: Increase sales of a product Taiwan Database that was launched last month. T: For 30 days. Achieve your SMART goals! Now it’s time to start your new project or improve it if you already have one, surely now it will be easier for you to see the progress! By putting all these steps into practice to set your goals , you will learn more and more about what works and how it works best in your business, company or even in your personal goals. In each of them, you can be as specific as you want, as long as you do not forget to be and comply with each of its characteristics to make it a SMART objective.

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