All the keys to segment the audience

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All the keys to segment the audience

Not all the communication that one emits can be destined to all his public. Segmenting the audience is one of the most important elements that can exist , since it is what allows a company to be able to position itself correctly taking into account the diversity of its audiences. However, many brands do not yet understand its importance. That is a big mistake, since when creating an online company , it is very important to know what audience we are going to address in order to focus our communication. Segment the audience in ads to generate more visits It would be difficult to find a brand that had a single target, that is, a single group of people, with the same characteristics and patterns, who were interested in your product. Usually there are several, and all of them respond to different stimuli. Therefore, a clear and cost-effective way to advertise is by offering german phone number format different messages to different audiences. It is a way of ensuring that each of them will feel comfortable and tempted by that type of communication. In this sense, social networks are a breeding ground for contacting the audience , and there are mechanisms to carry out this segmentation in the appropriate way. We want to review here how to do it with three of the most important networks out there. How to measure the reach in the different social networks Facebook is one of the networks par excellence in which to broadcast brand advertisements to reach a large audience. Here you can do up to seven types of segmentations . For starters, different custom audiences can be created based on phone numbers or emails. Quite a useful tool. The next thing will be to select the place where that ad will be broadcast. Next, there are other demographic data, such as studies, that are used to make segmentations, as well as age and gender or interests.

Finally, behaviors are one of the most interesting , here you can show ads to people who, for example, tend to enter many Facebook pages. Finally, you can segment your audience based on connections. Twitter offers different possibilities and, to a certain extent, much more interesting, due to the breadth with which it allows working. To begin with, there is the possibility of classic segmentations, of the type of language used, gender, geographical location and the interests of the user. Segment by followers You can choose to follow competitors’ followers (with a little analysis of our competitors we will get this data), send ads to an influencer’s followers or similar audiences. Another option is to segment based on behavior, so that users with a similar lifestyle can be searched. Finally, there is also the option to segment in personal lists, as in Facebook, or also by keywords, a very classic option that continues to be highly effective. It is very important to segment the audience correctly, since thanks to this we will have a better reach. If we have a style close to that of our followers, we will get a greater interaction. And this will lead us, in turn, to achieve greater participation in a specific channel. Known as SOV .

LinkedIn is another of the social networks of the moment, and using segmentation here is an excellent way to get a good positioning as a brand or as an individual. In this sense, the segmentation criteria, except for some basic ones, such as language or geographical area, are more specific. Special interest in being able to segment based on the company and the sector it has, the different positions of the people and their aptitudes or their place of study or academic discipline. As a last option, choosing specific groups is quite interesting, as a way to summarize, in some cases, quickly what you are looking for. In conclusion, segmenting the audience is an essential requirement to achieve the best results based on the investment made. In addition, it has another particularly Taiwan Database interesting possibility: the larger an audience is segmented, the more possibility of hitting it, and the more communication channels open, the better, since this will reach more targets.

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