Alternatives to choose a domain name if your first option is already registered

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Alternatives to choose a domain name if your first option is already registered

Not sure how to choose your domain name? These are the options you have when your first option is already registered.
It seems incredible but the debate on how to choose a good name for your blog does not seem to go out of style. I have 2 cases in my immediate area where  Pakistan Phone Number List this issue is being of vital importance. So it is worth reviewing. register domain
One of the first options is to choose the domain name for a personal blog . There are good reasons for doing it this way. The question is this. In most cases this domain is already registered under “.com” and even “.es” . The “.com” is still the king so even if the Spanish extension is available it is not ideal

What are the best alternatives in this case?
Uff, the truth is that it is complicated. A multitude of possible scenarios are opened whenever you are interested in having your name appear in the domain in some way and that it is also a “.com” since this extension is the most popular. Here are some of the options we’ve been discussing: It is the ideal? Probably not, but taking into account the context of appearance of the name + extension “.com” we don’t have many options.

Additional reflections to keep in mind
If you give importance to the issue of personal branding, you should not only think about the domain name but rather about your global presence, especially in networks. Let’s take a simple example.
Let’s say on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. you appear the name of pesanchez. In this case the option of seems the best since you are known under that nick in the rest of the channels. Why not use it for your blog too?Pakistan Phone Number List

The important thing from my point of view considering all these options is really that the name is easily remembered . In this case, seems easier than as an example. You may have already noticed that in my case I have practically done the opposite of what I comment here. So I remind you that all these are not obligations but rather options . Feel free to do what you get out of … Well, you don’t need to use swear words, you already know …;) PS: take a look at  Taiwan Database Victor Campanology’s post. This entry is based on a recent conversation with him. Here he explains it in a post .

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