Although, we must be clear that this has been around for years and is based on visual perception techniques.

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Although, we must be clear that this has been around for years and is based on visual perception techniques.

However, what is true is that surreal images can be adjusted to bring out more vivid and brilliant colors, which would significantly increase their ability to attract attention. Surrealism graphic design Surreal illustration by Randy Mora Geometric forms Do you remember pastel and bubble charts and their relationship to 2021 graphic design trends? Their success comes from the intuitive shape they have, since the circular shapes are attractive and easy to understand. That is why we have been using them so much on our Instagram for some time to benin mobile numbers publicize their products to the public. However, circles are not the only geometric shapes that can be used to create a good design. There are multiple options that can be used in combination with squares, rectangles or triangles. And that will result in a very pleasant and visually appealing presentation image, especially if used in conjunction with other graphic design trends in 2021 such as the use of soft colors. Geometric graphic design Design of “City of Sydney” on Behance Virtual reality That’s right, virtual reality designs are here to stay. In fact, major companies like Facebook or Microsoft invest a lot of money in projects like these. And as virtual reality is expected to become more popular, design focused on this area will raise its demand for both this year and the next.

And it is that virtual reality images make anyone who observes them immerse themselves in a new level of reality. This is achieved thanks to the backgrounds of this style and a very extensive panorama that give the design an incredible feeling of depth. VR Social media slides As is well known, social networks are a very important tool today for all those companies that want to make themselves known, get new customers and significantly improve their sales volume. Slide presentations are used mainly on social networks such as LinkedIn and Instagram, since they have the best algorithm for this format. And although it can also be used on other social networks, it can be a bit more complicated. However, slide design is being used more and more by companies and individuals. According to studies, you can get between 10 and 20 times more impressions and clicks than with the use of a simple image. Illustrations with 3D models Nowadays, three-dimensional images are everywhere and, of course, they are also part of graphic design. The three-dimensional images are characterized by the sensation of volume and the resemblance to reality, which offers these types of designs a very striking visual appeal. For years this type of illustration has been gaining territory and it seems that 2021 will be no exception.

And it is that many artists and designers continue to be inspired by three-dimensional figures to give life to their works. Graphic design trends 2021 3D element in graphic design by Alex Schlegel Flat illustrations What was once in fashion, can be fashionable again, and later cease to be fashionable again. It is the rotating cycle of fashions. This is the case of flat illustrations, which over time become popular and, likewise, lose their fame. However, there is a good omen for these types of illustrations in this year 2021. And is that despite being the contrast of 3D images, flat illustrations can look very good and attract attention with subdued colors. Not for nothing Taiwan Database Mailchimp used them in 2015, and later, and has used them again five years later. Graphic design trends Mailchimp 2021 graphic design trend These will be the main trends in graphic design in 2021. The most common that we hope to see in 2021. From Idital , we will seek to apply those that have a greater trend and popularity. Although, we never neglect our own style, seeking to create new integrations. You can also see our work done by clicking here and, if you need our design services, just get in touch with us to talk more in detail.

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