Always willing to shake your hand when you need it

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Always willing to shake your hand when you need it

A good person, a good professional and without a doubt someone who will continue to grow day by day until reaching the top. If you don’t follow it yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for, because its contents will help you a lot with your personal and professional finances. Jessica Quero We started a path that was not going to be easy, and today here we are both fighting for what we like. And she has known how to do it very well, she has managed to build a very solid image on Instagram and stand out in everything she does. A born fighter. Miguel Angel Trabado Since you have met Miguel Ángel, it penetrates you inside, because he is someone that everyone would like to have in their life. His way of speaking and transmitting makes you see how how to get details of a mobile number in india good a professional he is and the path he is leading. Hard-working, good person and a professional from head to toe. Javi pastor Can you fall in love with an e-mail chain? That happens to me every time I receive one from Javi. It goes one step beyond content. It invites you to reflect on many important aspects of life. His posts with Big Bang Academy and his personal Instagram are very well worked and I always recommend them. It is one of my must. Eva collado Eva is described by two words: fire and passion. I have to admit that the day I met her she gave me the creeps several times. Because he feels what he says and his predisposition to help others shows. Vilma Nunez The great of the Spanish-speaking greats could not be absent from this list.

The truth is that his work is worthy of admiration for anyone, and what I like the most is that despite having an impressive team behind him, he continues at the foot of the gun. Nothing stops you! Bruno sanders The king of dropshipping is a real crack. At that age and everything he has achieved is worthy of admiration. In addition to all the road ahead, which is not short. Fatima Martinez From Fatima I would like to highlight her way of adapting. When TikTok became a successful social network, he knew how to take advantage of it and position himself. In addition, his blog is one of the best in the sector, very big! Inge Saez Inge and LinkedIn go hand in hand. He knew how to see the potential of LinkedIn and Social Selling, something that seems brutal to me when it comes to selling many services. Following in his footsteps closely is a must. Ana Ivars Whirlwind of passion for what he does. Already in her day she pointed out ways and now she is one of the greats. I see it even in the soup! LOL.

If he is where he is right now, I don’t want to imagine myself in a couple of years. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE FOR FREE! Can’t you sell through your website? 12 actions to save, scale and automate the income of your digital business I want the guide ebook blog Maïder Tomasena She is a pretty cool copywriter and that is always a positive differentiator. I am particularly curious as he has an original way of transmitting content through his persuasive messages. Riders Time! These 2 brothers point out ways being so young. Also, Riders time is one of my favorite podcasts. Stay with this name because they are giving a lot to talk about and this has only started. Oscar Aguilera I met Óscar in the strangest of circumstances, looking for advertising work on Facebook and Instagram Ads (as you read, hahaha). He had been with his agency for a short time Taiwan Database and was already pointing out ways, since seeing how he has positioned himself in the market, it has been a brutal growth. Great professional and great person. Carlos Pinzon One of my references in terms of Google Ads. Carlos was my teacher for several years and I want to point out his great ability to transmit knowledge in a didactic way to his students, a task that is not easy. He works at the WanaTop Marketing Agency with which I have been fortunate to collaborate this year. I only have words of thanks to the team because without a doubt they are great professionals in the sector. So, if you want to train in Ads you cannot lose it from your radar. Alfonso and Christian These guys are machines.

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