An example of this usually occurs when dating an old post

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An example of this usually occurs when dating an old post

Such as in a guide that corresponds to a previous year. Therefore, rewriting a post similar to the one you already had, but with new updated content that can give the user what they are looking for, is something that we should do periodically. 4. Record a Podcast Podcasts, that great discovery that is rising more and more for its ease of use for both the public and the creator of the podcast. It is a very good option to convert already written content into another utility for users. This time he just needs to be heard. But why is it being so used? You can listen to it while doing other tasks, for example, with chores at home, while you commute to work or on the way to  any place, while doing sports and, in short, it is something easy to combine as if it were music. It’s a good hong kong phone number list resource if you don’t have much time to stop to watch a video or read a post about what you want to learn. They are free and only need to be downloaded. The creator of the podcast does not have to show their face at any time. They can be listened to on a large number of devices that play audio or video formats. 5. Give it audiovisual form by creating a video If you have a little more time, you can also go a step further and record it on video. It is another very good way to consume content because it can be much easier and more enjoyable for us to understand if the content is explained in an audiovisual way.

In addition , this opens up a range of possibilities , since the video can be animated, in the first person, showing the use of a product, as a tutorial or in many other ways, I leave this to your imagination 🙂 6. Prepare your own Webinar webinar with old posts And how about creating your own Webinar? The information that you can impart through a Webinar will be more extensive and educational than it would be in the original post, therefore, it will be information of more value for the user. By being more didactic and direct, you strengthen the most professional image by showing that you know what you are talking about. Thanks to this, you can ask users to leave you their data so that they can access it for free, so you would be using it as a way to attract potential customers. You can also take advantage of it by promoting some kind of offer at the end for people who have attended the Webinar online. In this way, you will not only have information that was previously provided to be able to access, but from all those people, you can get new clients thanks to this offer. At the same time, it is a way to humanize your blog, since they can put a face to your brand (in the case of a corporate blog) or simply know the person behind each post.

It is always good to show a part closer to your audience. 7. Adapt the content to a Newsletter How can we not think of one of the simplest ways we have to create engagement? Thanks to the use of a Newsletter , we have at hand an opportunity to direct different content to specific groups of people. That is, we can provide information of interest to users who already follow us, as well as take advantage of certain posts only for new subscribers who have just arrived. Without forgetting that we can personalize the emails, which also makes it another good opportunity to speak to them more directly and closely. 8. Make use of Social Networks We can take tips, advice, outstanding phrases , etc. and turn them, for example, into a good tweet. But don’t just keep the text! You can Taiwan Database also capture it in an image, create it as a gif or even pick up your mobile and quickly record an Instagram story. Don’t be afraid to try! Now it’s your turn to act It’s your turn to give life to those old posts that stayed on the first pages . After all the effort, what less than to take advantage of them for everything you can beyond using them on your blog, right? There are many ways in which you can do it, but yes, how is already up to you

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