An image without a good copy is half

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An image without a good copy is half

We are very graphic , we always have been and we love to be and work with it. This is so and we can dedicate hours and hours to build a good graphic composition, a better image or an audiovisual resource that “removes the feeling” but, we know, we recognize and we have absolutely integrated that this is not all and it cannot be left there. The Content Marketing list of names and phone numbers there for something and can not spurn it would be a sacrilege on our part to which even we allow is that a good image can become master and achieve the effect of sale or acquisition care desired if we include the best copy in the world.

What is a copy?
That text that defines our brand , product or service. That “slogan” as it was said before (and even now) that we include in our publications. It is “textual” content that more and more work is being done to capture the reader’s attention in a single sentence of a few words that after being captivated by the image, they are “waiting” for something else. A good text is not everything, or perhaps on some occasions because just like an image in certain circumstances can act alone and say everything in itself, there are also moments in which a text acts independently (we have lived for a long time the effervescence of a large social network such as twitter in which text prevails, although now more and more images are included in publications or in the opposite case, as Instagram triumphs exclusively with the visual impact).

So going back to the beginning of this section, we could say that a copy is any text that refers to our brand, product, service or activity. That set of words and phrases that speaks of us, that refers to what we do, what we dedicate ourselves to and that has to perfectly mark the lines of our essence and what we want to convey. But… What is good copy? That’s another thing. As in everything that has to do with the online environment, we have lived and suffered the boom of thinking and believing that anyone can do it. That our nephew can run our social networks , or that by hiring someone who charges us really cheap (from there his experience and professionalism will derive) we have solved our blog, content and other activity on the Internet. And this is not really the case even more so when the competition is so great and there are real professionals who do impressive works of texts and really good copies. What do we consider then as good copy? The one that makes our user, community or reader arouse notable interestin what we are telling and transmitting. It is the text that arrives and convinces enough so that that person becomes a prescriber and later, is a lead that we can use to do another marketing action with him since he has shown us his interest.

Yes, a good copy, beyond its structure (which we could say a lot depending on the medium in which it is found), its format or its content, we could summarize that it is the copy that really “arrives” , that users read to complete and later do some action with our brand, either follow us on social networks, go to our website, consult our services or the best and most sought after, leave us your contact. We must clearly be very careful with our copies . And it is more difficult than we think and believe. Not everyone can write something good . Yes, everyone can write, that’s true, but like everything else, we seek a professional goal that always ends up being that we need to Taiwan Database sell more and better (at a higher price) and convey a quality brand image. Being careful with our texts is a great step to advance in the creation of a powerful brand identity and of course, enter the wonderful world of transmitting useful, quality concepts and that users follow and become references.

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