And the conclusion we reached after our experience

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And the conclusion we reached after our experience

In the realization of these audiovisual formats is that yes, all brands can (and in fact must) include videos in their strategies. The particularity would be in determining what type of video, the format itself and above all, the tone of the image and what is transmitted in it. There will always be the difference between a leisure, sports or fashion brand for example or another that is made of industrial or health material. All of them can make videos but they will have to take great care of the message and the way to express it. What type of video does my brand need? This is another differentiating point between brands when designing their videos. What kind of video indian cell phone number format to make? Well, before starting, the basic thing is to establish some parameters to be able to answer this question: Purpose of the video: what do you want to achieve with it? Sell, position your brand, increase notoriety, interact with your users, entertain? Who is my video aimed at: who are you talking to? It is not the same to make a video for your clients than for your investors or for your internal team.

If your audience is a young niche, your video will have a different tone than if you want to convince potential investors of your product. In what medium will you disseminate it: are you going to post it on your website or are you going to use it on social networks? Are you going to send it by email or put it in a podcast? If you answer these three fundamental questions in detail, you will be able to know perfectly what tone you have to use, what type of images, how to record it (format), and what type of editing it requires and therefore, with all this, ask for a budget and be able to do it. .

In conclusion, video has now become a fundamental piece of your online marketing strategy. Whatever goal you have set for yourself, there will be differences in the videos even if they are for the same brand and / or company but, sure, you will reach the goal set. We always need to “see” what that brand is, hence why corporate videos work so well Taiwan Database and are an excellent cover letter. Don’t hesitate, include the videos in your next marketing and communication budget. Our experience with clients who put it into practice has us more than convinced.

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