Are there professional bloggers in Spain or are they just a myth?

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Are there professional bloggers in Spain or are they just a myth?

Maybe you’ve already heard of the heroic figure of the professional blogger. We will see if they really exist and if so, how you can become one of them. You might think they don’t exist. The professional bloggers mean. It’s probably because you don’t know any of them. They are those people who have accomplished something incredibly difficult. They are able to live off their blog . professional Bangladesh Phone Number List photo rights What does that mean exactly? Live off a blog? The definition for me is simple. This blogger is able to dedicate himself exclusively to blogging by maintaining one or more blogs. People who set up affiliate pages to make money with it for me are not professional bloggers although they can make a living from their online projects. Many of these really good marketers usually don’t waste time sharing what they know on a blog.

One of my international references since my beginnings is the Australian Darren Rowse . In the Spanish-speaking world I really like the work of Juan Diego Polo from Wwwhatsnew or Javier Martín from Loogic . There are many more but by theme I can identify more with them than with fashion egobloggers. Juan Diego Polo’s “recipe” from Wwwhatsnew Taking advantage of the fact that Juan Diego Polo gave a lecture on the recipe for living on his blog, I share with you some of his lessons learned. For the entire talk I leave you with the entire video. At the time he gave the talk he had a turnover of 74,000 euros a year with his blog .Bangladesh Phone Number List

I must admit that Diego’s work is admirable . He spends 4 hours a day on average every day answering emails from his readers. Receive 400 emails every day. He says that he and his 6 editors spend 3 hours a day writing and the rest of the 18 hours are spent dealing with readers. I can’t agree more with this sentence: “Only when there is passion inside, is when in the long term you manage to do business with the subject. If there is no passion, in the end the existing work will be so great that you will end up throwing it all away. ” If you notice it doesn’t talk much about Taiwan Database. It focuses everything on what is most important: your users. The first 3 years have even been without entering a single penny (in my case the same by the way) to create a community around the blog .

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