As you can see, the objective of a Sales Funnel is to optimize the web processes

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As you can see, the objective of a Sales Funnel is to optimize the web processes

Related to each of the phases that each user goes through. Now, instead of visiting the web and leaving, you can accompany him until you consolidate the sale. And that requires deploying various online marketing actions in each of the phases of the Sales Funnel. Important. To carry out a Sales Funnel effectively you will have to master the different actions that you are going to carry out. That is why we recommend a good previous training in online marketing that allows you to ensure the actions you take. 1. Attraction phase It is one of the most complicated phases of the Sales Funnel and, in general, the one that requires the greatest economic   Dominican Republic Phone Number List  investment. The objective is to obtain qualified visits that we can take to our website, either to an article on our blog or to our commercial pages. It is the user’s first contact with our brand, so you have to take care of it and enhance your brand image. While there are many online marketing channels that we can work with, the top 4 where we should focus are as follows. Web positioning: By far the most important online marketing action that a company must carry out, as it will allow it to be visible on the internet. If they don’t find you on Google, you don’t exist. From this perspective, working on web positioning will allow you to appear on Google when a user makes those searches on what interests him at that moment. And if you are not on that first page of results, the sale will be taken by your competition. Marketing de contenidos o crear artículos en tu blog es una de las mejores acciones de marketing online que puedes realizar a día de hoy.

Primero porque el contenido se posiciona mucho mejor que una página comercial y segundo porque llegas directamente al usuario, tu potencial cliente. Además, mientras que una página comercial puede generar un mayor “rechazo” inicial, el contenido puede ayudar a la venta en gran medida, pues no es comercial sino más objetivo y permite empatizar con el usuario en mayor medida. Social networks: They help to a great extent help to influence the purchase decisions of users. Keep in mind that an (organic) social media strategy will only allow you to create a community around your brand capable of becoming future customers. Likes you, RT, mentions and so on are all very well, but what really matters is the amount of traffic they can redirect from social media to your website. Because the web is where sales really take place. Online advertising: While some of the online marketing actions that we have mentioned are passive, online advertising is a totally active medium, that is, it shows advertising to specific potential clients. Facebook Ads, for example, has become a very important online advertising platform because it allows you to segment at a very high level, which specific target audience you want to see your ads.

In this way, you will be reaching your future clients with a very specific commercial offer that will easily turn into sales. 2. Conversion phase To prevent your visitors from leaving the web, at this stage of the Sales Funnel you need to work with an element that allows you to retain them. This element is called Lead Magnet and it is basically a gift that you give to this visitor, at a cost of 0. In this way you will be able to get it and take advantage of the value it offers simply by leaving your details (email and name mainly). Through this Lead Magnet, the main objective you pursue is to qualify your visitors. Work with videos, exclusive courses for subscribers, eBook, Podcast or a sifín of content that you can create and that adds value. Those who leave their   Taiwan Database  and download your gift are likely to have a real interest, so now you already have a fundamental element to establish a personalized relationship with him and influence his purchase decision. In this phase of the Sales Funnel, it is very important to work with well-designed CTAs or Calls to Action, friendly and well-worked forms, as well as with Landing Page or Pop-ups aimed at achieving results. 3. Nutrition phase We arrive at the Sales Funnel phase where the main thing is the strategy. You already have his email so now it is time to contact him without being invasive to influence his purchase decision. In this phase of the Sales Funnel you should work mainly on mail marketing. And no Newsletters that nobody wants. Take a step forward and start working with Mail Automation tools such as Mail Relay, Doppler or Active Campaign.

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