Being a visual platform, it offers companies the possibility of making

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Being a visual platform, it offers companies the possibility of making

Their brand visible and generating branding through visual strategies. Facebook Possibilities Many people think that Facebook is a social network that, for a few years, has been in decline. It is true that many users close their Facebook account to stay only with Instagram; many others have both but visit much more Instagram than Facebook. However, it is important to keep a few points in mind. The average number of active users mobile phones in afghanistan in the first months of 2019 for Facebook is 2,271 million per month, while the figure for Instagram is 1,000. [ Digital 2019 Global Digital Overview ] Most of the people who switch from Facebook to Instagram are under the age of 25.

Facebook’s main active audience is between the ages of 25 – 34 with 32% Facebook advantages Facebook offers different advantages over Instagram because it has fewer limitations both in the content that can be published and in the type of interactions that you can generate with your audience. Next I will mention the main advantages of Facebook for companies. In the publications: LINKS. This platform allows the publication of links; In the event that your goal is to promote a particular URL, this social network will facilitate your work. VIDEOS. On Facebook you can post videos of the length you want so for a viewer objective, this social network is the winner. TEXT. Unlike Instagram, on Facebook you can make a text-only publication in case your intention is to spread a particular information among your followers. LOCATION. Another possibility is to publish a location; This is especially useful if you want to publicize a new location for your business. In interactions TO SHARE.

Facebook gives users the option to share content that they have found interesting on their profile. This is an especially important point for Facebook because it is great to achieve a dissemination objective. When a user shares your content, they are also making it visible to their contact network, thus increasing their reach. REACTIONS. This platform gives some freedom in the reactions that you can get from your fans with options such as “I like”, “I am angry”, “I love it”, “I am amused” and “I am amazed” that you can measure. Others STATISTICS. A company Taiwan Database page on Facebook offers you a great dashboard of statistics that go from the moment a page is created to the present. Instagram only provides data for the last 7 days. I hope this article has been helpful to you to know when it is better to opt for Instagram and Facebook; In some cases, you will achieve better results by unifying the actions on both platforms, you should not always do one that is discarded.

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