Being so short they are quite generic making them have a very high search index.

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Being so short they are quite generic making them have a very high search index.

This makes them too competitive and it is very difficult to position yourself for them. Header term: SEO how to choose keywords On the other hand, longtail keywords are complete phrases that contain a heading term accompanied by other words. They are made up of 3 words or more and have a lower search volume. Knowing how to choose them will help you position your site and what you offer much faster and easier. how to choose keywords free belgium phone number Now, it is not about being radical and making use only of longtail because the headers are more competitive. Find a balance between the two for your marketing strategy. Why? First, because the head words are difficult to avoid; second, because they help make your page more relevant to searches.

However, long tails are much more specific search terms that will attract higher quality prospects. This means that you will potentially increase your conversion rate and the bounce rate will be lower. A fundamental part when choosing keywords is to know the opportunities you have to position them. For this we have 3 main factors on which you should focus your attention: The average monthly searches: because you will know how popular it is The trend graph: Know if the search average is growing, declining or if it remains stable. If it is growing or stable, it is a good opportunity, but if it is declining it may not be worth it. Please note that this is not a rule, it is just a suggestion. Competitiveness: Keywords with high competitiveness are more difficult to position; this usually happens with header terms. It is advisable to choose keywords with medium or low competitiveness. This will give you more possibilities to place your page above others in search engines.

Another very useful tool to analyze keywords that will help you is Google trends where you can get additional information about search trends. You finished! You already know how to choose keywords that help you position your website and each of its pages. Apply them correctly and you will see how your web positioning will improve considerably. Remember that this is not a one-time job, we recommend repeating this process regularly. This way you Taiwan Database will be updated on the new trends that keep changing to optimize your site and avoid stagnation. Once you have your SEO fantastically optimized, you can think about applying mobile marketing strategies; If you already have them, we have some tricks to help you optimize them.

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