Big Data: The Future Of Marketing?

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Big Data: The Future Of Marketing?

Currently accessing Big Data; The tricky thing is knowing how to take advantage of the large amounts of data in favor of the brand. With annual revenues estimated at more than $ 20 billion, Macy’s is one of the retail stores most iconic in the American market. Maintaining the Finland Mobile Database loyalty of your buyers through strategies that are increasingly personalized is a fundamental element in your success. In this task, the correct use and interpretation of Big Data is a cornerstone that not only allows retail to retain its target with personalized campaigns , but also translates into a better optimization of the resources allocated to marketing.

As mentioned by Karem Tomak, vice president of analytics for Macy’ , the analysis of the data that their customers generate both in the physical points of sale and in the online store, allows them to understand the particularities of each consumer segment to offer content and tailored products through a strategy of offers and discounts in real time through push messages both in warehouses and on mobile devices. Customers share a lot of information with us and our job is to support them in exchange for their loyalty, giving them what they want, instantly,” Tomak said. big data Finland Mobile Number List

What was done by Macy’s is just one example of the relevance that management and data analysis has today in marketing strategies, as well as one of the reasons why Big Data appears as one of the ‘trends of the future’ of the industry as a vital resource to personalize the offer.

BIGDATAThe numbers speak for themselves. According to research carried out by Teradata, 90 percent of marketers say that an individualized marketing plan is a priority to grow in today’s market, thus experiencing a transition from mass segmentation to personalization in real time.

Pablo Hernández O’Hagan, president of Ingenia , assures that “the trend we see is greater personalization and greater knowledge of the people. Given so much information, brands can identify consumer segments with different interests ”and be relevant with each content, product or service proposal.

The foregoing causes data-based marketing to be used by 78 percent of the industry players, thanks to which, during this year, investment in Big Data services will exceed 122 thousand 595 million dollars, which is will translate into 4.4 million jobs worldwide related to the tool and its use, according to a study developed by OBS.

The panorama drawn by the Brother Cell Phone List aforementioned figures, speak of Big Data not as the future of marketing but as the present of an industry that moves through, for and from consumer information. However, in practice, the reality is that there is still a long way to go, so the coming years in the marketing sector will be characterized by actions that try to use correctly all the available data in favor of the quality of each strategy. branded.

“Today we produce about 2.5 trillion bytes of data, and 90 percent of human-produced data has been produced in the last two years. We must have the ability to analyze the data we have to reach the consumer not only at any time and any place, but when they really want or need the information. The data arrives so fast that it is de-political in moments. That leads us to have to react immediately, ” said Carlos Fanjul, head of data, performance & analytics at Havas Media Group.

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