Black Friday: Ideal for your Christmas shopping Where is the web analytics landscape located ?

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Black Friday: Ideal for your Christmas shopping Where is the web analytics landscape located ?

What is the reality of companies in the processing and application of what has been called Big Data ? Where are you heading and what are your expectations? Something that began to be talked about some years ago, often from excessively simplistic approaches, seems to be becoming more complex every day due to its magnitude. It is very common that in the learning of any field or discipline the student discovers that every time he opens a door of knowledge mobile germany number it ends in a large hall that gives access to a few other doors to open. This, which can lead the wise to humility and long-term success, often leads the ignorant to haste and immediate error. The most important thing about this data revolution for companies is to know where they are, what they can apply with their means, what can be translated into a benefit and what are the objectives that they must pursue for their development. Having all the data facilitates the analysis work, as well as that of the growth hacker, which leads to better strategies.

Where did this so-called data revolution come from? In fact, it has been talking for years about the data revolution and the importance of its treatment and analysis in decision-making, in the positioning of companies and their web visibility, in the interaction with customers and the increase in visits … But everything stems from discovering the huge amount of data that has been collected in recent years thanks to new technologies and new communication and consumption habits. Its constant growth, the capacity for feedback of the system and self-sufficiency of the information of the companies through the information provided by their own clients. These data, properly analyzed, filtered and studied, could help better decision-making. As early as 2011, The Economist newspaper exposed how the data revolution through web analytics was changing the business landscape. How the unstoppable growth of mobile phones made users inexhaustible sources of data supply. Digital sensors capable of providing more and more data that, in turn, were analyzed by some companies and applied to their decision-making are multiplying rapidly. It was exposed, in this newspaper, how companies like Amazon already received 30% of their sales through recommendation systems or how others like Starbucks offered their close customers discounts thanks to the information provided by geolocation.

Where is web analytics now? The current panorama, almost seven years later, has confirmed that these companies, which began to implement data processing systems oriented to their decision-making and based on CRM , Customer Relationship Management , have become examples of successful business models. business today. Good proof of this is the adherence that we are seeing in multinationals such as Zara to Amazon’s business schemes and formulas in its international expansion. But it is also witnessing new trends in the treatment of data that go even Taiwan Database beyond the collection, treatment and analysis of the same. To influence their own generation, in the control of the chain, in its reliability, ownership and distribution, opening a panorama of almost unpredictable conclusions, as is the case of the Blockchain . In short, we are facing a new industrial revolution in which web analytics opens up new directions in decision-making in a constant and decisive way and in which data has become a new economic pattern of incalculable value, but which does not have a value for themselves, but for their treatment and methodical analysis.

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