Black Friday, make the most of it! 6 tips to increase sales

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Black Friday, make the most of it! 6 tips to increase sales

Approaches the Black Friday (black Friday), one of the most anticipated dates for traders, the day they leave behind losses or red numbers to increase sales and turn them into black numbers (earnings). Make the most of Black Friday! Despite being an American tradition that, after Thanksgiving, serves as the starting gun for Christmas sales , in Spain more and more businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and running interesting campaigns for those days. In fact, in 2016 only the four days (from Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday ) accounted for 6% of the total sales for the year . Looking ahead to 2018, each Spaniard is expected to spend an average of € 173, a very interesting figure for both a traditional business and an online store that, if it wants german phone number example to take a part of that cake, must prepare a good marketing strategy . Tips to make the most of Black Friday If something is clear, it is that Black Friday is a date that every trader has to take advantage of and these are some tips to get the most out of it. 1. Don’t skimp on your marketing investment The ideal is to take advantage of all the marketing resources that are on hand and invest what is necessary. Sending mailings , creating banners , using Facebook ads or your own social networks.

It is necessary to do everything possible so that the proposal reaches potential clients. 2. Differentiation It is a date in which both the streets and social networks are filled with offers. Therefore, it is essential to send a differentiating message that stands out from the rest. It does not have to go so much the price as it is something original. 3. A strong website It is a day in which online marketing takes on special relevance. In 2017, more than 41% of consumers made their purchases online, therefore, it is essential that the business website is updated and in perfect condition to support the demand it may receive. 4. Promotion should pay off In addition to differentiating yourself, it is important to offer something worthwhile . It is a day where the client has a lot of variety to choose from and attracting attention is not enough. You must feel that you are really making a profit. Otherwise, you may even feel cheated. 5. Practice upselling and cross selling The Black Friday is a very good opportunity for upselling , ie, offer the customer a product related to the product which has shown interest. In this way, in addition to providing you with a more rewarding experience, sales will be increased in a practical way. Another very useful strategy is cross selling, which consists of the following: when the customer has already purchased a product, they are offered other complementary products for a complete experience.

6. Take advantage of star products There are many shops that hide the best-selling products and make offers in those that are out of fashion or are not so interesting and this is a mistake. The more desirable the product is, the more customers it will attract and the easier it will be for them to purchase something else at once. In short, preparing a good marketing strategy for Black Friday can lead to a considerable increase in sales . If you want to take advantage of these dates in your business, increasing visits to your website and increasing your sales with a professional Taiwan Database and perfect marketing plan , do not hesitate to contact us through our form or by writing an email to: info @ . For more digital marketing tips, check out the following related posts: Promotion, that’s the question The importance of APP in the success of your marketing campaign Other news about Black Friday:

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