Black Hat SEO: what is it and what are the best known techniques

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Black Hat SEO: what is it and what are the best known techniques

Have you ever heard of Black Hat SEO? In this post I tell you what Black Hat SEO consists of and I explain several of its techniques . What is Black Hat SEO The Black Hat SEO is a series of techniques considered unethical and contrary to the standards set by Google used to try to position a web page. Google increasingly penalizes these types of actions, so they are not recommended. When we talk about SEO, it is common to relate it to concepts such as organic positioning or natural positioning , which have nothing to do with what we will explain today. If SEO were a game, Black Hat would be the traps to try to win it. Of course, if you get caught, it’s game over. The term Black Hat SEO, from the English black hat, is a term adapted from the cowboy movies. In them it was used to associate the bad guys with a black hat. Does Google penalize Black Hat SEO? Despite the recommendations of both the experts and the insistence of Google itself, there are still those   Belize Phone Number List  who continue to do Black Hat SEO. The obsession with reaching the top positions in search results or achieving a large number of visits to a website may be some of the reasons that drive some professionals and organizations to use these dangerous positioning techniques. SEO has to be understood as a medium-long-term process . It is a job that requires time and whose results are not immediate, they cannot be seen from one day to the next. The Black Hat SEO can be effective in the short term but will have to abide by the consequences if Google detects.

And yes, it is very possible that it does. Google advocates white positioning techniques or White Hat SEO and rewards those web pages that seek to satisfy the needs of the user . After all, Google offers a service to millions of people throughout the planet and wants its customers to receive the information, products or services that they are really looking for, that they need. The Black Hat SEO techniques do not conform to the guidelines set by Google and normally interfere with the user’s navigation by not offering them a good experience or usability, not to mention SPAM. There have been cases of well-known companies whose web pages have been penalized by Google for the use of this type of technique. White Hat SEO By contrast, we have the White Hat SEO . This technique advocates meeting the quality guidelines of search engine operators and does not engage in spamming methods. It is a type of ethical SEO , to which nothing can be objected and which promotes a positive rating by a search engine. This is done by building organic links or backlinks, that is, through natural links to another website. Black Hat SEO techniques Just as there are different positioning techniques, there are also Black Hat SEO techniques.

These are some of the most common techniques: Cloaking It is one of the best known techniques. The Black Hat SEO technique of cloaking consists of showing users a web format while Google is shown a different one in which only the parts that are optimized are included. By cloaking, you try to trick Google into believing that the web page is optimized when in fact it is not. This is one of the Black Hat SEO techniques that you know how to spot. Google severely penalizes the cloaking technique for a long time, which is why it is hardly used anymore. Spinning Spinning consists of reusing original content from third parties making them pass as their own. To carry out the spinning technique, it is enough to change some words for synonyms and alter the order of the sentences. Spinning is one of the most used techniques in SEO   Taiwan Database  strategies as it allows you to create content quickly, easily and without having to pay for it. Keyword stuffing It consists of repeating excessively the keyword that you want to position in a specific content. One of the consequences of doing keyword stuffing is falling into the over-optimization of the content. Google has shown to reward those pages that seek to help the user and not so much to position a certain keyword. In fact, the over optimization of keywords can be understood by Google as SPAM. Cloaking, keyword stuffing and spinning are three of the best known Black Hat SEO techniques , but there are many others. Do you know any of them? Feel free to share them with us through the comments.

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